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Archive for December, 2011

Kicking off a Creative Weekend!

Good morning!

This is the first weekend since September that I don’t have a single thing to do…

Well, that’s assuming that we don’t count putting away Christmas decorations and laundry!

I’m planning on being relaxed and creative.

I haven’t posted many needlepoint updates lately, so here goes!

This is a Maggie & Co. canvas that I call ‘Downward Dog’

Wool, Split Stitch, made to look like Croix :-)  Wait until you see the ears…

I’m loving the shirt (Brian asked ‘why is she wearing a vest to do yoga?!)…

Flair fiber, Brick stitch


The pants are a skip tent stitch using 4-ply Lacquered Jewels (loving the look, but that shit is slippery!).

And, always my favorite part to stitch…

That, my friends, is going to be one awesome bargello curve in some pretty sassy fibers…

More to come, when I get up the ‘nerve to curve’.

My other project is about good nights- and, is a product of all my stressed, sleepless nights :-)

The main fibers are silk and ivory, and each column has their own ‘sparkle’…

Stitches from L-R: Cushion Stitch, Double Balloon, Nobuko, Milanese, Cashmere Variation, Mom’s Special (real name ????), Slanted Triple Parisian

Hopefully there will be some good TV and some good football to support a weekend spent in my favorite chair working on both of these projects!

I’m hoping to finish Bonne Nuit this weekend-

Who knows how long Yoga Girl will take…

Happy Friday and hope you have some time to fit in a workout and some creativity to start your weekend and New Year off on the right foot!

XO, Mer

Winner… Finally! Feedback?


Sorry, friends!  Needed a little break from traveling/working/blogging/picturing.

I hope that you’ve recovered from the busy pace of the holidays, the abundance of food and drinks and all the travel and family obligations!

How is it almost 2012?!

I’ve started thinking about resolutions, but want to come up with some attainable goals that will stick for longer than two weeks…

I’m also thinking about how to move forward with the blog.  I have to say that snapping photos of every meal isn’t really me.  Yet, I’m embarking on a journey of weight-loss, diabetes management and work/life balance.  It’s a journey that I’d like to share with you for motivation, laughter, support and fun along the way.  So, I’m going to play around with a posting schedule these next few weeks to figure out what works for me, and helps me find that balance…

What have you enjoyed the most in the last 5 months of Mer’s World?

The daily food diary? Recipes? Contests?  Needlepoint/craft posts?

Let me know what you connected with, so I have a better idea of how to direct my energy (it feels a little scattered right now!)

I’ve made a step in the right direction by filling my diet with lots of veggies, high protein foods and tea this week!

Here’s a peek of dinner tonight:

Romaine, feta, roasted veggies, baked tofu and topped with a broccoli pancake!

Salad beast!

Another salad beast…

HAHA, check out the hot mess of my living room in the background…

Anyway, last item of business tonight- WINNER!

So, for those that completed at least 20 miles in December- CONGRATS!

I hope it helped you focus on our health this holiday season, and fit in a little extra exercise!

The winner of the $50 gift card is:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2011-12-30 02:10:33 UTC


Posted by Meghan on December 27th, 2011 at 1:14 am    | edit   #1

Chris & I are both happy to hear that you guys had a nice holiday! We had a nice, quiet couple of days, & are now having a great time in Chicago with our family. Last week was busy; I was able to get in 7 miles! Yay….happy to get moving before the new year! & not getting too out of control with the holiday treats!


 Congrats, Meghan!  You are sooooo gonna rock that wedding dress this Fall!

Have a good night and remember that tomorrow is Friday and then a LOOOOONG weekend (and a new year!).

XO, Mer

Back in the Swing?

How were your holiday festivities?

Fun? Family-filled? Busy?

Hope you are either still enjoying yourself and celebrating away with loved ones, or getting back into the swing of things (like we are!).

We had a great trip to MD and DE to spend lots of time with friends and family.

And, were spoiled rotten with the gifts…

Many thanks to everyone that shared their hospitality and generosity with us!

Apologies for the lack of posts- I was exhausted with our ‘to do’ list while we were visiting and needed a little big of ‘unplugged’ time!

Now is about settling down, putting things away and getting back into the regular routine!

I’m hoping that this ends up being a quiet week for catching up on sleep, work and cleaning!

For now, I’ll leave you with the final opportunity to post your Miles not Cookies contest!

Mer’s total: 5.0 miles (plus some serious dog walking in MD!)

Up for grabs is a $50 gift card and you have until tomorrow (12/27) at midnight to enter.

Remember: you have to have participated all 4 weeks to be eligible to win this week!

Leave a comment with your final mileage and I will select a random winner.

Happy Holidays and Happy Monday from the 3/4 legged crew, who are happy to be back on their own couch, with their own toys and their own yard (which they have already re-dug!).

Let the holidays begin…

Protein pancakes eaten…

Miles walked (3.0- woohoo!)

Dogs Dramamine’d (for the those who gets carsick and projectile vomit!)

Car is packed…

And, Christmas Cactus is ready to bloom while we are away…

Happy Holidays, y’all!

We are off for a roadtrip de East Coast…

First stop, Baltimore!

Cookie mileage: 5.0 miles!

Are you keeping up with the miles?  Is your shopping done?  Getting ready to travel?

Xo, Mer

Wrapping Hell and Winner!

Greeting from hell the wrapping room-

I’m frantically trying to get everything finished up and organized to pack-up later this week.

Like every year, I manage to over-estimate my shopping and under-estimate my time~

So, here I am, bright and early this AM:

I did manage to get a little walk in yesterday, so my mileage has increased…

Cookie Mileage: 2.0 miles

And, winner of the $25 Kohl’s Gift Card

True Random Number Generator
Powered by RANDOM.ORG
Congrats, LB
Posted by LB on December 18th, 2011 at 8:54 pm    | edit  #3

I walked Maverick for 4 miles. Walked 1.5 miles walking to and from my tree stand when I went hunting with my dad. I also went up and down a ladder a million times which should count for something.

Happy Tuesday!

Have you finished your shopping or are you waiting until the last minute for the ‘thrill of the hunt’?

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