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Archive for March, 2012

Heebie Geebies

I’m not sure if that’s even how you spell it, but lord knows I’ve got them.

Friends, I’m down for the count (and have been since about Wednesday).

I’d be happy to review my Foxwoods experience for you, but in reality, it was experience in a bit of a fever-induced haze (up to 102.9!!).

I think the spa services were all great, but to be honest, the heated treatment rooms and tables just about did me in~

I’d hope to have some craft updates, a spa review, etc. for you, but in reality, now all I’m hoping for are some good Real Housewives of ???? reruns and an abundance of herbal tea~

Hoping to be back to life next week (and hoping that you are having a healthy and sunny weekend).

Here’s a little dose of laughter for you…





XO, Mer

Spring has sprung!

Is Spring finally here?

It has been gorgeous these past few days!!

Spring fever hit here!  Lots of cleaning, decorating, shopping and catching up!

Oh, and retail therapy- check out the photos from the new iPad!

Saturday held cleaning, decorating, the Boston Flower Show and a date night with the hubby!

Flower show inspiration and some goodies from the many vendors!


Sunday was full of gardening, crafting and watching the UD Women’s BBall team advance to the next round of the NCAA playoffs!!

Forgive me, I haven’t been stitching as much as usual, but I did enjoy lots of time outside, dog walks and some garden-prep!

Here’s the sneak peek of the pups to tide you over until I make some real progress!

Now, I’m off to finish a few things at the office in the morning and then hit the road for a girls getaway at Foxwoods!  We are being pampered by the Norwich Spa at Foxwoods and reviews will surely follow!  Hmm.. probably some good eats and great wine as well!

Xo, Mer



Spring Forward= Spring Weather?

Well, I guess our consolation prize for losing an hour of our Sunday, we get treated to a gorgeous and early Spring.

The weather in Boston has been incredible.  I almost don’t want to hit publish for fear that it will all disappear back into the typical rainy, chilly Spring.

We had a great, but busy weekend.  Someone celebrated a birthday, and a certain someone’s wife ran around like a crazy person all weekend cleaning, prepping, calling for back-up catering (thank you, Blue Ribbon BBQ, awesome as always…), then downing a few drinks with friends and collapsing into bed exhausted!

It was a long week, a busy Saturday (the birthday boy requested a homemade red velvet cake with white chocolate frosting…) and Sunday was full of stitching, laundry, tv and a little gardening!

So exciting to see the hints of Spring… I only have one plant that is showing no signs of life!  Woohoo!  We put in lots of young plants last year, so I’m happy that we nurtured them enough to make it through a (mild) winter!

Now, about the fact that we have a dog racetrack and no grass in the yard.  I wish this was an exaggeration, but no, we have nothing but mud.  And, not only mud, but mud in the shape of a racetrack, where they have started to bank their turns on the corners of the garden.

So, excuse me while I flip the blinds down on the backside of the house, pour myself another little rum drink, open the windows to enjoy the fresh air and plop down in my favorite stitching chair and forget about my ‘to do’ list for a while.

To keep you captivated on my incredibly ordinary life, here are a few pictures from the weekend!

Red Velvet Cake with White Chocolate Frosting

New projects:

Maggie and Company ‘Room For One More’

Started and stitched with Neon Rays and Kreinik…

So, I’m off to put my feet up, stitch some more and watch some reality TV!  Hope you aren’t dragging as much as I am from Daylight Savings time and that you are getting a hint of Spring as well!

Until I find the urge to write again…

XO, Mer

How is it March?!

Apologies, friends- I completely missed the memo about March starting.

Although, I generally say that every year, I seem to fly from Christmas to Easter without remembering much of the events between…

And, it’s a busy/fun time, filled with day-off-of-work holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Because time seems to be flying and I need to accomplish a lot in the next few months, I’ve been compiling a few goals/projects that I want to accomplish this month.

For moral support (and accountability purposes!) I thought I would share:

1) Walk the Croix-dog daily.  Even if it’s FREAKING cold out and it’s just around the block.  Try and remember to tell him he’s a good dog, not a F#$%ing idiot every block or so…

2) Do my fair share of the weeknight cooking (even if that means cooking 3 meals on Sunday and serving ‘leftovers’!) :-)

3) DO NOT. repeat. DO NOT shop online at nordstroms.com during a moment of intense retail-therapy need.

4) Repeat above, insert ebay.com

5) Lose those 4 5 damn nagging pounds (again) to make it an even 10lbs lost for 2012 (so far!).

6) Finish stitching Christmas 2012 gifts (1 to go, so this seems a bit like a cheat, but it will be something I know I can cross off, since 3, 4 and 5 seem like suckers bets).

7) Figure out how to redesign blog header, so it looks more exciting and more ‘me’.

8) Try really, really, really hard not to drink wine after a long day.  Get on the treadmill instead.  (<—- I am laughing out loud as I write this one, but I thought I should at least write it down.  That means that I will make several good attempts and valiant fails).

In other, probably far more interesting news for you, I’ve started a few new projects.

LEE canvas to be stitched into a gorgeous black patent leather purse!

Stitched using Silk and Ivory and Kreinik, all basketweave stitches.


And, not yet started, but SO TRUE :-)

I think I’ll be stitching the design with my ‘stash’ fibers and I’ll need to pick up some silk for the background.  Haven’t decided if I will keep the pink or maybe go with a darker teal.


Also, a few pictures from the full moon this afternoon (from the dog walk with Croix!).



Hope your March is flying by as well!  We’ve got bit plans this weekend for Bri’s birthday (hint: it involves lots of BBQ)!!!  I’ll be busy cleaning and ordering catering…

XO, Mer

Happy Birthday, Mom


Wishing you a happy birthday, and a year filled with as much love and laughter as you share with us!

XO, Mer

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