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Archive for May, 2012

I (heart) Pinterest

Here are my finds for the week…

Please, allow me to wipe the drool, and clear my day-dreaming mind to present them to you!

All pictures taken from Pinterest, click on the picture to go to the website for more details!

To Admire.  Dreamy Beach House (perfect for reading Fifty Shades Trilogy Bundle: Fifty Shades of Grey; Fifty Shades Darker; Fifty Shades Freed…)




























To Do.  DIY Birdbath



















To Bake.  Key Lime Cheesecake Bites.











To Go.  Bora Bora- I will see you some day! 



















To Try.  Zucchini Chips in the dehydrator (already in and on!)

















What is inspiring you today?  What will you try this weekend?

I’m off to do some last minute cleaning and prepping before the in-laws arrive!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend- I’ll be back on Monday with a weekend update for you!

XO, Mer

Dirty Girl!

I’ve spent the past few weekends, some week nights and most of the time that the sun is shining playing in the dirt, so I’m pretty sure that makes me a dirty girl! ;-)

The gardens are really coming together!  As I mentioned previously HERE, the outside of the house wasn’t exactly a priority when we first moved in- the 3 layers of hideous wallpaper were!!

So, this season, we’ve been focused on the outside and man, is that dirt and sweat paying off!

Thankfully, I have a strong, patient, talented and incredibly sexy husband who doesn’t mind working with me to develop new plant beds, remove old tree stumps, plant new grass, re-level the yard, change all the edgers, transplant family plants… are you getting the reason for the patient, talented and sexy comment?  I took a try at swinging the 8lb sledge/axe at the tree stump and just about bite it!  Bri made it look effortless (until he woke up the next morning, saying bad words and screaming for tylenol!).

Here are some updated pictures to give you an idea of what we’ve been up to and why the posts have been few and far between (reality= haven’t been able to lift my arms or stay awake on the weekends to prep posts!).

























Front and side yard- added the lily bed, the chairs, the new trellis with two new clematis (one might actually live…)

Behind the lilies are young rose bushes- yellow with tangerine edges.


























Trellis close-up (don’t you love my Lowe’s adirondack chairs?!)




















The “almost-divorce” stump spot.  It was ugly, but it’s gone- and in 7-10 days a little grass should cover the spot~


























Front yard minus the incredibly ugly evergreen trees (click HERE for a ‘before’ look)


























Evergreen topiaries, ‘Fire’ azaleas and stella d’oro day-lilies


























Nikko blue hydrangea (back corner), dwarf rhododendron, Knock-Out rose (fuschia) and Stella d’oro day-lilies.


























Front steps with plants-

READER QUESTION: Do I plant the remaining two plants exactly the same as the baskets and the other planters, or do I do something different?

Truth: I ran out of plants.


























Landscape grass, white plants that Brian loved and (Mer’s all-time favorite!) WAVE petunias in purple stripe.




















Hanging basket with the same ingredients as the planters…





















Fairy garden- made one for Mom for Mother’s Day and had to make one for myself as well…

Looks like it’s been through a bit of an earthquake, thank-you-cats-that-ruin-and-eat-everything.

Notice the day-lily that my Mom carefully dug up for me because it’s from my grandmother’s house in WI- chewed to a respectable 3″ height.

And, that, my friends, is why my needlepoint has remained tucked into it’s bag, my laundry remains dirty, my house remains dusty and my eyes droop at about 9pm.  Because, my yard is starting to look AMAZING!

Be sure and leave a comment with some ideas for the other planters- and let me know what your favorite plants are… what am I missing in my garden?!

Happy Tuesday- we are that much closer to Friday (and more time to play in the dirt!).

XO, Mer

P.S. I found some time for Pinterest this week, so check for a post on Friday about some of my finds!


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Long time no update!

Apologies- I was busy living life and not documenting online!

Here is a rundown of the last few weeks, with some pictures, some funny commentary and my usual take on life…


-Visit to MD to celebrate birthdays (mine!) and Mother’s Day (love you, Momma B!)



-Working out (hello, gym membership, nice to use you again!)

-Fun with friends (catching up with old ones and making new ones!)

-Wine, lots of wine.. oh, and can we talk about CAKE VODKA (with a splash of seltzer, or the other way around, depending on the day!)

-Fairy gardens

-Losing 8lbs in April (and gaining 2 back in May, see The BAD for the reason…)

The BAD:

-Ina Garten’s Coconut Birthday Cupcakes (they were awesome, but soooo bad for you…)

-5 days of rain (good for the garden, bad for the spirits!)

-Over 10 hours in the car to visit family (why can’t we be closer?!)


-My doctor’s appointment last friday (A1c= 7.1, which is perfect in all cases EXCEPT pre-pregnancy… all other numbers went up as well- damn you birthday cupcakes, work and wine…)

-My first car accident (fine, sore, and pissed off)

-The poison ivy that is taking over our backyard

-Dogs with fleas, ticks and poison ivy

-Trying to balance personal and professional commitments (and failing…)


So, let’s focus on the good, now that we’ve got the bad and the ugly out of the way!

Here are some sneak peeks of the yardwork that we’ve been doing (more coming on Tuesday- check back!)



















Back walkway in progress…



















Grass/Garden in progress… not so easy with 3 dogs who love to jump makeshift fences…























The planters on the front are half finished (story of my life… I ran out of plants!)

Hope you had a great weekend and best wishes for a sunny, happy, positive Monday OR, a nice bottle of wine at the end of it!

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