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Archive for August, 2012

Friday Favorites

Wow!  Another friday- how did that even happen?!

What a long week!  And, it was a short week for me!  I’m still in my pjs as I type this and then hurry to get ready and get on the road down to DE and MD.  A weekend filled with family and friends- woohoo!

Hope you have equally exciting plans for the loooooong weekend!

Here are a few of my favorite things to tide you over.  I’ll be back tomorrow with some weekend updates and pictures from the long road trip with the dogs!

Key Lime Blackberry Cupcakes



Thoughtful Quote

Don’t you wish you could do this sometimes?!


DIY Weekend Project

I have just the spot for this is in my office!



The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

So, I learned all of my bad amazingly good habits from my mother!

She took my shopping suggestions from last week seriously and has been on a needlepoint splurge!  Here’s hoping that Dad hasn’t figured out how to read my blog yet…

What I loved most about her splurge was that it was a splurge/trade!  Mom’s friend Rose (who’s been featured several times on the blog!) was dying for a specific piece of needlepoint.  You know the story- discontinued, only available on ebay, going for a GAZILLION dollars…

And, it just so happened that my mother had the exact canvas tucked into one of her ‘magic needlepoint treasure chests’.  So, they made a deal.  One lusted after canvas, swapped for another lusted after canvas.  Everyone walks away happy- and with lots of stitching to do!

Here’s the piece that Rose has been eyeing for years:

 Isn’t it great?!  I can see it with lots of different stitches and fibers!  Can’t wait to see what Rose comes up with for her stitches!  I believe it’s an old Maggie & Co.

For the exchange, my Mom wanted the Mindy Sea Turtle, which arrived this week via the Needle Nicely express ;-)  At least I think this was the one that they sent, but I don’t see their tape along the edge, so maybe they sent another package…

And, since I made Mom take pictures of her things for the blog, she also wanted me to share a finished piece that one of her dear friends gifted to her, many moons ago.  She says it’s one of her absolute favorite canvases!  I’ll have to get the details from her about who painted it, etc.

What about you, have you ever ‘swapped’ with a friend?

I love to share canvases with new stitchers!  I always have small projects or ornaments lying around, which make great beginner projects!

Recipe Inspiration

Do you ever have days when you have a fridge full of food and NO ideas about what to make?

Where do you turn for ideas?  An old, favorite cookbook or a website that you somehow stumbled upon by googling ideas?

Here’s where I turn, when I need ideas FAST:

Cooking Light’s Quick and Healthy Section


Southern Living’s Quick Fix Suppers (note: I love that you can search by ingredients here!)


The Food Network’s Healthy Every Week 


Where do you turn for recipe inspiration, when you need healthy food fast?!

Would love to have you share your favorite websites, or even favorite ‘weeknight’ recipes!!

 Halfway through the week and there’s a long weekend in front of us!  Woohoo!

Old Art!

I found some old, finished gems at my grandmother’s house and I wanted to share with you!

These are some early works!

Do you have the first piece that you ever made?

I gave away just about everything I made the first few years! It’s only recently that I’ve started keeping them for me! I didn’t have the wall space before we moved into our house!

Here’s the first project I stitched:


One of my first creative endeavors:


Also, a gorgeous piece that my mom stitched 20+ years ago!


Just for fun, here’s a sneak peek of Gram’s fridge! Gotta love the old family photos!



And, a quick picture of Gram- that I managed to snap in the 3 seconds she held it up :)


Hope you enjoyed the ‘old art’!!

Monday Morning Creativity!

I am one tired cookie!

So, in place of my usual, witty Monday posts, I’m going to share some humor from Pinterest!

Here you go:


Send us positive thoughts, taking Cruzan to the vet today to get some advice on his unusual behavior and cramping legs! Here’s hoping for a simple, easy fix!

Happy Monday!


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