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Archive for October, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of year again!

Too much chocolate sitting around the stores (and my house/office!) and too many opportunities to embarrass your dogs with costumes!

Here’s my long-standing favorite:


Yes, that is our three-legged greyhound as a peg-leg pirate!  And, before you lecture me on animal abuse, I have to tell you this dog turns circles when we pull out the costume- I’m going to have to try and get it on video for you to understand her excitement!

Hope you have a great Halloween and it’s filled with lots of chocolate and dogs in costume!

XO, Mer

Tuesday Musings

So, how you holding up?  If you are in the East Coast, then it’s probably been a bit windy/rainy/miserable(y) than you anticipated, huh?

Damn, Sandy.

We are doing OK in Boston, but I’m ready for Spring (already!), and didn’t hurricane season end earlier this month?

So, since I’m short on inspiration (but, man, do we have tons of rainwater if you need some!), I opted to have someone else do the heavy-lifting today!

Here’s a great article from Cooking Light to check out: Our Happiest Recipes Ever

I was drooling over most of them, and wishing that we weren’t in the middle of a massive N’oreaster/hurricane/hot mess, so I could run to the store for ingredients!  But, that would involve getting soaking wet, probably having to stop and fill up my car with gas, and fighting crowds of people who are after the last bottle of water…

So, I’ll keep these filed to try another day!  Let me know if you try some of them!




KLUTCHclub Review

I love getting boxes in the mail, although sometimes it does require a little fancy footwork with the hubby…

‘What this old thing?!’ doesn’t work so well when you are holding a box full of clothes/boots/food in your hands!

Anywoo, about a week ago I received a box from KLUTCHclub to review their monthly service.

It’s a great concept, and one that I was intrigued to try.  For a monthly fee ($16-$18), you receive a box packed with product samples that value over $100 and fit into a healthy living/lifestyle.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the number of products and the sizes of the product samples with the $16 price tag!

Since this blog is mainly for fun, I made a promise to myself that I would only review or accept products that I really like or enjoy using/trying.  I researched their recent reviews in Glamour and Shape and decided to give it a try!

The box was loaded with goodies, and being the pregnant, constantly hungry person that I am, I ripped into the snacks immediately!

The box came with a product guide right on top, outlining each product, why it was chosen and how to use it!  This was a great tool for some of the items I wasn’t quite sure what to do with.. (flax meal, I’m looking at you!).

After I read all the information, I lined up the goodies to try and decide where to start!  I ended up going ‘nerd’ and reading about each one and also reading the ingredients on each of the packages.  I was relieved that I didn’t have to use the hubby’s Ph.D. to decode any of the ingredients and I was comfortable with everything listed.

I opened the Acai energy chews right away and really liked them!  Good flavor, lots of vitamins and perhaps a bit of extra energy (although I’ve been so tired these days it’s hard to keep my eyes open!).  I also broke into the Good Greens Chocolate Peanut Butter bites.  Honestly, it wasn’t the same as a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, but it did curb my chocolate and peanut butter craving, so I’ll deem that a success!  I’ve tucked the other two into my carry-on bag for our upcoming trip.  At 50 calories and individually wrapped they are the perfect travel food!

I also loved the Pure Matters Protein powder- I used it in a simple shake this past weekend.  Just milk, Pure Matters Chocolate Protein powder and a frozen banana.  It was a great mid-afternoon snack and again, curbed that chocolate craving that seems to be stubbornly persistent!  I’m usually pretty picky with powders, I hate anything that tastes like chemicals.. so, I was really plain in how I decided to prep it and didn’t have a problem with the taste at all!

Two last notes, without pictures… I’ve been using the King Arthur Flour Whole Flax Meal sprinkled on my yogurt- it adds extra fiber and the taste isn’t bad (although it did take me a second try to get used to it!  I recommend starting with a fruit yogurt, not a plain one… ;-) ).

I also really like the Yurbuds Sport Headphones.  They were designed for women, and they’ve stayed put on both my treadmill walks and my neighborhood dog walks!  I’ll consider that a victory!  It’s nice not to have to adjust them constantly!

So, all in all, I really enjoyed receiving the box and having the opportunity to review it.  It’s certainly something that I’ll consider continuing for myself and may even consider for friends and family presents during the holidays!  It’s something that I think my sister would really enjoy receiving as well..

If you’re interested in trying one out for yourself or sending it as a gift, check out their website here:


Sunday Morning!

Sunday mornings are my favorite part of the week!

As our jobs have gotten more demanding and time-consuming, we’ve worked harder and harder to preserve Sundays for ‘us’!

That means an extra cup of coffee, no pressing plans to rush off to, a fun breakfast and usually some stitching or knitting for me and some sports watching for him!

I’m sure it will adjust when BabyH arrives, but hopefully we can continue to keep Sunday reserved for family time (and a few errands or laundry, when needed!).

How do you spend your Sunday mornings? What’s your favorite part of the week?


And the first photo, with a photo bomb by the fat cat who was eyeing my English muffin!


Pregnancy Update: Week 15

Pregnancy Update: Week 15

Likes/Cravings: anything with cheese (grilled Cheese, Cracker Barrel cheddar snacks), fresh fruit (apples and pears!!), yoga pants, English muffins (pumpkin spice!!!), artichokes, beets  <— these are all the same as last week!

Challenges: fatigue is the biggest one right now!  I feel better, but get tired quicker than normal… it’s been hard for me to remember to take a break or take it easy!  Plus, with the holidays around the corner, there is lots I want to get done!  I’ve also found myself moodier/crankier/bitchier than normal.

Diabetes Challenges: the pancreas and I seem to have gotten into a good routine.  I still have a few lows before meals, but most everything has stabilized.  I’m told that this is temporary, and that by week 18 or 20, we’ll start really increasing the insulin needs!  Oh well, I’m going to enjoy it for the time being!

Baby Items Purchased: None, but I had to break out my first pair of maternity pants this week and I think a few more are going to need to be purchased in the near future!  I can still wear a handful of my work clothes, but they are getting to that ‘almost uncomfortable’ point…

Other notes: This week I was pretty wiped out from our festivities last weekend, so I was a little slow to get into the grove.  I also struggled with some food aversions this week- more so than in the past, although we were back into our ‘normal’ dinner routine and veering from the plain menus of the past few weeks.  I’ve also had some horrible nasty heartburn, argh.  Other than that, I had my 4 month appointment and the baby looks great and they were really pleased with my progress and numbers!  Woohoo.  I’ve included a sneak peek of BabyH below… the ears have developed this week, so I’ve made sure to explain that they need to do everything the doctor says as well!  Like stay put, keep growing and behave!!

Weight Change: +1.0

Here’s BabyH at 15w4d:

And, here’s MommaH!

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