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Archive for November, 2012

Friday Favorites…

It’s Friday again!!

A big, fat thank goodness!!

This was a long week, and honestly, I just wasn’t feeling it.  I’m exhausted and sick of dealing with the world.  Hmm.. sounds like a great time to write a blog post :-)

So, after my RANT yesterday, I’m going to have Friday Favorites feature some of the nursery ideas that I’ve started to put together!





What do you think?  

I’m leaning towards grey, teal and pink/coral for the colors.. a beachy feel.  Although I really love the yellow pops of color as well!


“How much weight have you gained?”

“Are you going to use pain medication during delivery?”

“You really should redo your kitchen before the baby comes- otherwise you’ll never do it!”

“I really think your walls look plain, have you considered painting your house a different color?”

“Are those maternity pants or just big pants?”

Honestly, with any of those questions, I’m pretty sure you really don’t want my honest answer…

I’m not sure what it is about pregnancy that gives the free world permission to ask questions that are generally considered ‘off-limits’, but it’s like a switch is flipped and manners be damned.

So far I’ve done OK being diplomatic, but man, it’s been a tough call at times!

The other part of this rant, is people touching me… Don’t get me wrong, I love a good hug and general, normal displays of affection have never really bothered me… A hand shake, a shoulder squeeze, a hug, etc. no biggie- what makes people think they can touch my stomach?!

I’m not even really showing, and still the minute I tell someone I’m 5 months along, they hands go to my stomach.

W. T. F.

Anyway, I found inspiration in the form of bitchy hormones to write a post today!

When has someone asked you a rude question and how did you respond? What is it about a pregnant stomach that needs to be touched?!


It’s Wednesday..

We’ve made it halfway through the week!

And, that’s all I’ve got…

For the first time in a few months of daily blogging, I’ve got nothing to offer.

I’m over-reciped, over-shopped, over-Internet surfed…

I don’t feel like I have a fresh topic or perspective to bring you today. I haven’t had time to stitch, and frankly I’ve been choosing my Kindle or my knitting over my canvases lately!

I got a stack of trashy romance novels from my mom and her co-worker, and frankly they are calling my name… These last few days have been exhausting and there is nothing like cuddling in bed with a trashy book and a hot cup of tea to force the brain to turn off!

How do you unwind and recharge?

If that doesn’t work, I turn to Pinterest or Facebook!


Thanksgiving Leftovers..

Do you have some?  Lots?

Did your husband decide to bake a turkey and fry a turkey for 6 people- using the assumption that each person would consume at least 8lbs of turkey meat?

Yeah, we have leftovers.  And, I’m already sick of them.

Here are what some of my favorite websites are suggesting about converting leftovers into new and interesting meals (and who doesn’t need a hand this week as they recover from the holiday weekend?!):

From Cooking Light:

Global Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers


From Southern Living, Makeovers for Thanksgiving Leftovers


And, besides Hank’s Gumbo (remember: sub turkey for chicken!), this is one of my favorite turkey leftover recipes:

Turkey and Spinach Stuffed Shells

(NOTE: instead of using ground turkey, just blend the spinach, cheese and other ingredients with about 1 cup of leftover turkey meat in a food processor!)  It’s great for now or frozen for later… when you are ready to think about eating turkey again!

What’s your favorite way to reuse leftovers?!


Case of the Mondays…

Monday morning is the worst part of a holiday weekend!

Why does it come so quickly and feel so terrible?!

I’m prefacing this post with the honest truth that I am feeling BLAH!

I WAY overdid it these past few days (but, boy was it fun!) and I’m really dragging today (just as I was yesterday!).

We had a weekend filled with eating, shopping, hanging out and quality family time.  It was wonderful, busy and productive!

I have to admit that on top of everything, I’m always a little sad to see my family drive away (or to drive away from them!).

I didn’t take any pictures this weekend, but soaked up all the time we had together.  I also missed a pregnancy update.  Sorry, $hit happens.

I was too busy prepping my house and our meals to prep any posts, and honestly, I much preferred lingering over a cup of coffee chatting with my parents to scrambling to download pictures and remember what the past week held!

Other than tired and feeling pretty food adverse to things like turkey (:-P), things have actually been going pretty well.  We’ve done a bit of clothes shopping for BabyH.  Knowing the gender of the baby has helped us come to ‘reality’ with the upcoming ‘situation’.

We still haven’t started on the nursery, and I suspect it will be the present wrapping room for a few more weeks!  A 2013 project…

So, how was your weekend?  What was your favorite recipe that you tried?  Did you get any good Black Friday deals?

Also, if you are looking for a leftover turkey recipe, I’d suggest Hank’s Gumbo (sub turkey for the chicken!).  It’s an easy recipe to prep on a weeknight and uses a good amount of your leftover turkey (we had this on Saturday…).

I promise I’ll get back into the swing of things this week, but in the meantime, fill me in on your exciting weekends!

And… if you are still shopping today (at work):

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