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Archive for December, 2012

The best of 2012~

Wow, how is it already the end of 2012?!

I always love the New Year- I find it refreshing to look back at what’s happened and to look forward at what’s ahead in the new year.

So, here’s my reflection of 2012, and I’ll be back tomorrow with some ideas of what I think 2013 holds!

The new year started, like it usually does, with some fun, sun and family time in St. Croix!


We did a lot of work around the house… including a mini kitchen update (and new parts to the boiler and a nursery in progress!)


And, we did work on the outside of the house as well!  This was the year to get the garden and the yard in order- here are the BEFORE and some AFTER posts…


Dad and I cruised to Bermuda and had a great week of fun in the sun- a whole lot of reading, relaxing, eating and drinking!


As is life with animals, they threw us a few curve balls


Then things started to get a little interesting…

We hosted a BBQ for friends getting married and took part in their ceremony in October…


Note- this was the week after we found out we were pregnant, and the week that the morning sickness really started to get bad… :-)


We also made a quick trip out to Iowa in August (to tell Grammy and Grandpa about Baby H!), and unfortunately, had to make another trip out in November, when my Grandfather passed away



We also got those passports out for one more stamp in 2012- heading to Ireland for a quick weekend getaway!

Check out Where to Shop and Where to Stay/Eat for more details!


We also hosted my family for Thanksgiving and Brian’s family for Christmas


And, the biggest part of 2012…

Finding out that I’m pregnant…


And, expecting a little girl!


You can read the most recent pregnancy update here (almost to the 3rd trimester! woohoo!).

All in all, it was a great year, marked by a few ups, downs and moments of sadness.  We lost a wonderful part of our family this year, but we are also looking forward to bringing a new generation into the mix this Spring…

Hope that your 2012 held more ‘ups’ than ‘downs’ and that you are celebrating the beginning of a new year surrounded by those you love!

XO, Mer

Christmas Recap and Photos!

So, we had an exciting week of Christmas, but I had to laugh when I looked at my photos!

I apparently was having so much fun that I didn’t want to take the time to document with pictures.  Let’s call that a blogger fail and move on, shall we?!

Here is what I do have:


The evidence of my technical difficulties… it just spun and spun and spun. Thank goodness for tech support!


The damaged awning, caused by the damaged storm door, that caused damage to the siding and side of the house! Yeah for nor’easters that are all rain and wind!


An angle of the hanging awning…


One last nibble of the Christmas tree, now that the presents are gone!


Gabby, thrilled about us having company…


Jeff and Cruzan!


Better family portrait!


Two of my favorite guys!




Loved this picture of Jeff and Arley (and McGee!)


Family photo!

Pregnancy Update: Week 24

Pregnancy Update: Week 24

Wow, the last week passed in a blur!  Christmas Eve marked the babies first ‘viability’ date.  She’d have a strong chance of survival if born then (and it only gets stronger as the weeks pass!!).

Christmas was wonderful- we were surrounded by families and received so many wonderful and generous gifts!  I’m going to do a post on some of my favorite items, but it will have to wait a few days- now that I have both my camera and laptop working again!

Likes/Cravings: I was just commenting to Brian this morning that I haven’t had any really wacky or strong cravings.  I’m loving all fresh fruits and veggies- holding my breath that I get the OK to travel to the islands next week, because I could really go for some fresh pineapple and mango!  I am still hating chicken.. although I do OK if it’s shredded, covered in cheese or hidden in a dish!  Weird…  I also tried some roasted, smoked salmon with Arley at Costco and I think my love of seafood is coming back  (slowly!).

Challenges:  The biggest challenge this week was hosting people for the holidays!  It’s funny, you get used to your quiet easy routine with two people, and when that triples it’s like night and day!  I don’t think I’ve done that many dishes in a long time!  Thank goodness the dishwasher worked like a champ!  We also took a little more time to prepare meals, making sure to include healthy elements and fresh items, which took a little more prep time in my small kitchen!  I didn’t find much time to work out, but tried to make healthy choices whenever I could!

Diabetes Challenges:  Hmmm… Christmas cookies?!  They. are. everywhere.  Honestly, I don’t think I did too bad, but man, I can’t keep my hands off those orange drop cookies… yummy!  I also experienced some additional insulin resistance this past week, so it was a bit of a game in trying to find balance in eating and insulin.  All in all, I don’t think it went too badly, but I am relieved to be back to my quiet, counting carb routine!

Baby Items Purchased:  We didn’t purchase anything this past week, but Baby H got lots of wonderful gifts!  Onsies from Uncle Jeff and Aunt Arley, toys/booties from Grandparents H and an infant car seat from Grandparents B.  Plus Aunt Meg and Uncle Lance (totally just typed Aunt Lance ahahha) sent a gift card for some future shopping- woohoo!  I think that might be more for me than Baby H!

Other notes: This weekend is date time for the baby daddy and I- in the future nursery.  Removing wallpaper.  We’ve got one wall done, but had to put the project on hold and move some things into the room for ‘holding’ while we had guests.  The goal is to get the wallpaper completely removed this weekend and then plaster the walls when we return from the islands.  I’m not going to start purchasing items until we’ve got the plaster up, but then it will be all about the paint color and decorating!  Woohoo!

Total Weight Change: +4.0lb Hello, christmas cookies!  Actually, everything is right on target- I’m still able to wear some of my suit pants and skirts, but they are getting noticeably tighter around the waist!

I’m starting to feel ‘pregnant’- especially at night, when I have a hard time getting comfortable!  I’m still carrying on the low side, so I don’t have an obvious bump, but I do notice that my waist is getting (even more) thicker!  I’ve been feeling lots of baby movement this week- my little breech Baby H is using my bladder as a kicking bag.  So kind!

XO, Mer

Enjoy the pics- I had no helpers this morning!

DSC00018 DSC00022

Technical difficulties

Good morning!

My laptop has decided that it is still on vacation, or broken, or just spinning, spinning, spinning because I have nothing better to do than try and fix it…

So, hopefully the IT gods will be friendly and I’ll be back to regular posts tomorrow!

Hope you had a great holiday!


Christmas Vacation!

So, just a warning- I’m going to take a blog-cation for the next few days!

I’ll be putting my pregnant feet up, eating lots of cookies, enjoying the package opening and counting down the minutes until my quiet world returns to equilibrium enjoying the time with family.

So, I’ll be back on Thursday… and until then, here are my thoughts on Christmas Vacation, as stated impeccably by Clark Griswold:



Merry Christmas, friends!!

XO, Mer

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