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Archive for January, 2013

Thursday Laughs!

So, I can always use an extra laugh to start my Thursday!

Here are some for you!










Healthy Weeknight Dinners

How is it Wednesday?  I find that Monday flies by in a cloud of fatigue, Tuesday spent catching up on everything that I wanted to get done on Monday or the weekend, and just like that, it’s Wednesday!

How about you?  Or am I just weird?!

Here are some tips/articles that I’ve found on healthy, weeknight meals that are pretty simple, straightforward and deserve a second look!

I always feel like we struggle more in the winter, since summer our ‘go to’ is grilled protein, with grilled veggies and fresh fruit!

I found this entire week of meals appealing from Boston.com’s Nutrition and You Blog.  The recipes and prep is simple, but the meals sound tasty and satisfying!  Hmmm Ranch Salmon… I’m a sucker for anything ranch flavored right now!

And, Cooking Light had an article on 75 Healthy Casseroles, these look super easy to prep the night before or in the morning and just throw in the oven when you get home from work!  That gives me no excuses for hoping on the treadmill for 30 minutes while it heats up…  I think the Artichoke, Spinach and Feta Stuffed Shells might make an appearance this week!  The recipe sounds so yummy!




I don’t have time to try all the recipes, so let me know if you try any of them and how they turned out!  I’d love to hear…

Happy Wednesday!

P.S.  Happy Birthday to my Father-in-Law, Wayne!  Hope it’s a good day!


Best Banana Bread Recipe- Ever!

I AM SO SORRY!  I’ve had the World’s Best Banana bread recipe saved on my computer for about a week and I FORGOT TO TELL YOU!


I made this last weekend, mostly because we had 3 brown bananas (that I had insisted I would eat that week…) and I needed to use them QUICK!

I did a quick google search, and hit the jackpot!

The only change I made to the recipe is to use vanilla yogurt instead of plain (and nixed the vanilla extract) and pecans instead of walnuts (<— not a fan!).

Cooking Light Classic Banana Bread Recipe




Trust me, this will be your new ‘go to’ banana bread recipe.  The flavor, texture and moisture are spot on, it was simple to make and tasted amazing.

Bri and I ate it all last week for breakfast (hmm.. a correlation between this and last week’s pregnancy weight gain…)

Let me know what you think!  More food coming tomorrow with healthy weeknight dinner ideas!

XO, Mer


Monday Reads!

Good Monday Morning!

Are you dragging like I am?!  I think it’s going to take a second cup of half-caff coffee to really get me moving this morning!  I haven’t been sleeping very well, so mornings come a little too early and a little rough around here!

In case you missed the posts this weekend:

Pregnancy Update: Week 28

Sunday Morning

Ha.  Some real original titles… I’m not sure how people come up with the creative titles that I read on their blog posts… I usually do it last and come up with something really exciting like ‘Monday Reads’ or ‘Sunday Morning’.  Oh well, hopefully you are coming back for my creativity, recipes and impeccable wittiness and not my creative titles!

As I sat down to do my usual Sunday evening activities (checking email, pinning to Pinterest, prepping blog topics), I got sidetracked by a few interesting articles that I thought I’d share with you…

Since we are in the process of prepping our pantry and freezer for some sleepless months with an infant, I was intrigued by Southern Livings ‘Superfoods You Need to Build A Better Pantry‘.  I have most everything on the list, except for grits.  I LOVE grits, but the hubby always tends to chose oatmeal over grits… I think it might be time to get a back to add to the pantry- sweet or savory, they are super easy to prep as a meal or a side dish!

I also got caught up in Southern Living’s ‘Slow Cooked Comfort Foods‘.  The Italian Pot Roast initially caught my eye, but I think it will be the red beans and rice recipe that I’ll actually try this week!  Yummy!  Gotta prep those cajun roots for the Super Bowl and start of Mardi Gras!


I was also on the hunt for ways to simplify my life and stay organized.  I was intrigued by Real Simple’s article on ‘The Best Free Apps to Simplify Your Life‘.  I am most excited about Key Ring, which will help me organize all of those key fobs thingies that you get from store rewards programs… I never have my keys or the right one at the right time!  I already have Evernote, but I’m going to start using it more often and try to maximize the capabilities of the program!



Do you have an app you love for staying organized?  New Moms- do you have an app that made pregnancy/feeding/sleeping easier?

What did you read or find that was interesting this weekend?

Happy Monday

And, just a few days late… Happy Birthday to my future-brother-in-law, Lance!  I forgot to tack it on to my pregnancy post on Saturday and totally flaked on Sunday… Hope you had a great weekend, Groomzilla!


Sunday morning!

So, another boring Sunday morning post for you, which means another relaxing Sunday morning for me!

Slept in a bit-almost 7 and now have coffee, cinnamon toast and am catching up on the Sunday paper and magazines from the week!

Hope you are having an equally relaxing morning!

Do you have a regular ‘weekend routine’?!?

Saturday is usually the ‘get stuff done’ day and Sunday is for recharging the batteries!

I’m off to finish my reading and then supervise the nursery projects and do a load of the cutest little laundry EVER!

XO, Mer




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