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Archive for February, 2013

Thursday Favorites

Changing things up a little this week-

Friday is our anniversary, so I thought that deserved it’s own post!!

Tiffany & Co. Aviators (HELLLLLLO, Summer!)

You can buy them HERE!




Weeknight Taco Salad- Adding this to the plan for next week!



And, just a little humor :-)



Happy Thursday, y’all!

Muffin (top)

a little humor in the title this morning :-)

But, seriously, let’s talk muffins.

I’m looking for a quick, easy and mostly healthy way to ‘grab and go’ in the AM.  I usually need a little something as I am heading out the door and then I follow it up with a yogurt and fruit at the office..

I’m thinking that making a batch of muffins is the perfect way to go. It gives me control over the ingredients and is the perfect size to eat on the go.

I generally stick to muffin mixes, but I’m going to attempt Cooking Light’s ‘from scratch’ recipes… Healthy Muffin Recipes

(BTW, don’t you think that Cooking Light should be giving me a kickback for all the traffic I sent their way every week?!  It’s SO my ‘go to’ healthy recipe resource!).

Anyway, I digress…

I think first up will be the Tuscan Lemon Muffins.  They look yummy, less than 30g of carb per muffin and I might even go wild and crazy and add some poppy seeds into the mix!




The look like the perfect cure for driving and eating on a rainy, grey and miserable day!

I’m also eyeing the  Blueberry Oatmeal muffins.  I’m a sucker for the classics with a twist.  Plus, I have a huge bag of blueberries in the freezer that really need to be used to make some space for baby meals!

I might up the craziness in these muffins by adding some chopped pecans!  Yum!




Do you have a ‘go to’ muffin recipe?  Or, even better, what is your ‘on the go’ breakfast?

Happy ‘Halfway Through the Week’, friends!

XO, Mer

Showered with Love…

Are you getting sick of pictures of us?!

I like to post these, mainly for family that weren’t able to attend, but also because I want to make it clear how grateful we are for all of the love, support and gifts we’ve received these past few months!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the gift opening on Sunday…







I’m laughing looking at this one… Brian commented that he thought the dress (resting on my belly!) might be a bit short for him, and he’d have to wear ‘undies’… then he was so excited when he pulled the bloomers out of the box…






Every fashionista needs a good, sparkly pair of sandals…






My mom sent Baby H’s ‘coming home from the hospital’ outfit as a gift for this shower!  So cute!


Baby Shower Recap (x2)

Woohoo, man have we been showered by love!

I’m exhausted from partying so much this weekend!  A birthday party on Saturday night and then our baby shower on Sunday!

Here’s are a few pictures from the festivities, and I’ll post more pics of the gift opening tomorrow (this time I had the hubby to help unwrap!).

Happy Monday!

XO, Mer

The group…




The hubby being social…



Before present opening…



And, the best part of showers/parties… CAKE!  I had joked with Meghan that I wanted her wedding cake for the shower… she totally came through!  Amazing cake from Sweet Tooth in South Boston!  Almond cake, raspberry filling, buttercream icing.  This diabetic was really happy it was after her endocrine appointment




A great day with great friends!  Thanks, Meghan and Chris!

Weekend recharge!


After the weeks we’ve been having, I really needed a lazy weekend to recharge the batteries!

Yesterday I spent the day hanging out at Brian’s office (I usually get all my ‘work’ done for the weekend (bills, anything work-related that I need to review, blog maintenance, etc) and then ran a few errands.  We needed to get a hostess gift for the friends that are hosting our shower today (nothing like waiting until the last minute…) and a birthday present for our neighbor’s son (birthday cake? just tell us what time to be there…).

After we finished those up, it was home to put the feet up for a little while… which turned into a nap.  I had high hopes for making some of my amazing banana bread recipe, but ran out of time and energy!  Maybe later today?!

A perfect rainy, snowy and gross day to do it!  Hopefully it won’t impact our planned shower this afternoon!  I’m excited to see everyone!

Anyway, to cheer myself up, I took a quick peek at the weather for the upcoming week.. hoping that Punxsutawny Phil hadn’t lied and much to my dismay, this is what I found…



WTF?!  What are all those clouds with moisture coming out of them!?  I almost think a cold, grey rainy day is worse then a snowy one!  Argh.

I guess it gives me no excuse for not finishing up the long list of thank you notes that we have to write to all of our wonderful, generous friends!

And, just one more thing, before I decide to start my day…

A friend sent this along, thought you might enjoy the humor (I know I did!).



Happy Sunday, friends!

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