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Archive for March, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Hope you are spending the day with friends and loved ones, surrounded by signs of spring (and jelly beans!!).

We are headed to brunch and then tackling some outdoor projects!


Pregnancy Update: Week 37

Pregnancy Update: Week 37

FULL TERM BABY!  Woohoo.  WOW.  When we started this process and I had so many challenges in the first trimester and with Type 1 diabetes and high blood pressure, I never expected to get this far- or feel this good!  Sure, I’m tired.  I haven’t seen my ankles for a few weeks and I am starting to freak out about this whole ‘mom thing’… but all in all *knock on wood* things are going well.

Likes/Cravings: Red meat!  Buffalo chicken! Glazed cake donuts!  Get. In. My. Mouth.  Although I have to say, I think that things are so compressed in there right now, that I can’t eat too much at once… but if I don’t eat, then I don’t feel so hot either… it’s a fine balance right now!  I’m tending towards 5-6 smaller meals/larger snacks and that seems to be working out pretty well!

Challenges: Energy.  Freaking out about my ‘to do’ list.  Soaking up every last ‘alone’ minute with Brian.  Planning for 3 months away from the office.  Wondering if we have everything we need for the baby.  Keeping the animals calm (dogs are starting to freak out!).  Sleeping through the night.  Not wetting my pants when I laugh/sneeze/cough.  Keeping up with all the doctors appointments.

Diabetes Challenges:  I’m actually seeing some of the insulin resistance lessen this week- finally!  My doctors advised that it would happen at the very end- probably because I’m burning so many more calories carrying around this basketball in my belly.  I’ve been fighting lows, and then over-treating them to spike up a bit.  I’m trying to just keep on a steady path and keep reminding myself that I only have one more week before my body (and diabetes management decisions!) are my own again… obviously I’ll want to make the best decisions possible, but I won’t have to worry about my blood sugar fluctuations having an impact on Baby H’s growth and success!

Baby Items Purchased:  We didn’t buy anything this week, but we were gifted with two handmade gifts that are just adorable!  I’ll have to post pictures later this week- once you pry that half-caff coffee cup out of my hand and I am motivated to move my butt off the couch (and feet off the coffee table!).

Other notes:  Not much else to report this week.  I was exhausted and more than a little overwhelmed at the start of the week.  Had some big meetings at work that were one of my last ‘hurdles’ before starting my maternity leave.  They took a lot out of me for prep and long hours at the office.  I managed to get to bed at a decent hour most of the evenings, so that helped significantly!

Total Weight Change: +19.0

XO, Mer





My helper!  I think he’s sensing that something is changing… he’s been super cuddly and resting his head on my belly!


And, WTH is up with my CHRISTMAS cactus?  It did bloom around the holidays, but now it’s going nuts again!



Time OUT!

Well, here’s the thing…

I’ve got nothing for you.

I hate to complain (whine!!), but I’m tired, lacking inspiration and having a hard time sitting down in my ‘blogging chair’ and not falling asleep!

Our weekends have been packed with an equal mix of baby prep (last minute shopping for a few more items and organizing the house/nursery), spending as much time with Brian as possible, and resting/not feeling so hot.

Maintaining my work schedule takes a lot out of me, so the weekends are even more about recharging, resting and recovering then ever before!

So that leaves me pretty ‘blank’ when I sit down to put these posts together.

Rather than leave you with crappy content, I’m going to take a few days off and regroup!  I’ll be back next Saturday with the Week 37 Pregnancy Update (full term, baby!!).  I’m also going to put together some posts on what’s in my hospital bag, how we’ve finished the nursery and prepped the house, and what we’ve stocked in the freezer to make the first few weeks easier.

Let’s consider this a mini blog-cation and you can look forward to new content next week.  I’m thinking this is pretty logical, it’s taking me twice as long to do most things like walking, tying my shoes, waddling upstairs, etc.  Seems only right that it will also take me twice as long to put together blog content ;-)


P.S.  If Baby H decides to make an early appearance, I’ll do my best to post here and on the Mer’s World facebook page, so you are in the loop!  After we’ve had proper snuggle time and notified all the family!  It’s not going to be a blog-a-minute experience, but I’m happy to put together some post on how it goes, if that’s interesting/helpful for you!

Pregnancy Update: Week 36

Week 13 v. Week 36

20121013-075144 DSC00077


Pregnancy Update: Week 36

Pregnancy Update: Week 36

Wow, time is flying towards our scheduled delivery date!  AHHHH!  Baby H is officially full-term this weekend and we’re just 2 weeks away from her birthday!  Now she just needs to stay put and let’s hope that labor doesn’t start naturally (she’s frank breech, so a c-section regardless…).

Likes/Cravings: Hmmm… nothing too crazy.  Lots of fruit and some spice!  I’ve been craving buffalo chicken recently, so we worked that in for dinner!  Other than that, it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.  If I don’t eat, I’m nauseous.  If I eat, I’m nauseous…  So, I’m trying for many small meals and simple things (except for buffalo chicken).

Challenges: My ankles have started to swell a bit, so shoe choices are getting more and more limited.  The basketball in my belly makes movements difficult and I’m more tired then I’ve ever been (and I know, I know, it’s only going to get worse!).  Eating and heartburn is a pain, but manageable.  Trying to wrap things up at work, but it’s hard to prepare for such a long leave!  It’s not like a week vacation and then I’ll be back to deal with the issues that come up…

Diabetes Challenges:  Eh, my appointment wasn’t so great this week.  My numbers are up, still in the ‘acceptable’ zone, and my doctors wasn’t too terribly concerned, but I was a little disappointed.  She said that it tends to happen at the end, because the insulin resistance spikes up and can cause peaks and valleys that are difficult to manage (yeah, I’d say that’s un understatement!!).  I also didn’t see eye to eye with the resident that I met with before my doctor, and that raised my blood pressure (and possibly my voice!).  I think it’s really important to be your own advocate for your health, and make sure that your doctors are actually ‘hearing’ what you are saying.  Sometimes with diabetes, they focus so much on numbers they forget there is a warm-blooded person sitting there trying to manage the disease!

Baby Items Purchased:  Hmmm… I can’t even remember my name at the moment- to heck with what happened earlier in the week!  We got lots of things in the mail today!  I closed our our registry at Giggle and got several last-minute ‘necessities’.  We also went on a Target run and got a few more sheets for the pack and play and bassinet- figure it’s not a bad idea to have a few extras!

Other notes:  Passed both my non-stress tests this week~ I’m on the 2xs a week plan now.  Tuesdays and Friday mornings, I head into the OB’s office for an ultra-sound and a stress test.  So far, so good!  They also check my fluid levels- which are right on target, so for now, we will just keep on cooking!  One minor note, my Strep B test came back positive… not as much an issue for a scheduled c-section, since I’ll get IV antibiotics anyway, but would impact a natural delivery plan!  I guess I’m just one of the lucky 25%…

Total Weight Change: +18.0 Wow!  The weight gain really took off this last little bit!  Partly because of the baby and partly because of all the water retention.  I’m guessing I’ve got at least 4-5lbs in the vicinity of my ankles (or what were formerly known as my ankles).  Docs all seem fine with it, so I’m just holding steady (or gaining, depending on how you look at it!) and counting down the days until we get to meet Baby H!

XO, Mer


Thursday Blahs

Hi friends!

Sorry, I think pregnancy and 50+ hour work weeks are catching up with me…

I’m out of creativity and too tired to think of taking pictures and sharing the, with you!

Here’s all I’ve got:




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