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Archive for May, 2013

Now What?

To be honest, my days are kinda filled with ‘now what?’ moments…

When Maddie screams her head off and has a full belly and a clean diaper…

photo copy 2


Now what?

When the dogs destroy three knitting projects and all of the yarn I had purchased for upcoming projects…



Now what?

When your pregnancy is over, you’re not really ready to think about weight loss programs and you have no time to needlepoint… oh yeah, and you have no idea what to blog about…

photo copy

Now what?

More then 100,000 of you have read Mer’s World since I started this little hobby, and so I ask you- now what?

What do you want to read about?  What do you really enjoy?

Do you like every day posts, once a week?

Talking about post-baby life?  Needlepoint?  Cooking? Shopping?

What has kept you coming back for more?

Give me some inspiration, friends!

Memorial Weekend Recap!


This is a quick ‘photo dump’, since I’ve just learned and experienced that traveling with an infant takes an awful lot of work and energy!

I’d say that a 7 hour car ride was about 3.5 hours too many for Miss Maddie, although she was a real trooper and only fussed when we hit traffic!  And, let’s face it, 7 hours is a long time in the car for anyone!

We spent the first part of the weekend with my family in Baltimore and then onto Delaware for Brian’s family’s Meet Maddie Memorial Day Weekend (or, M3D as we started to call it!).

It was a wonderful weekend full of family time, lots of good food and not a lot of sleep.  Excuse the lack of wordiness today, I’m off to snuggle with Maddie, and encourage her to take a morning nap (so I can sneak one in myself!).


A lazy friday morning…



Mavrick and Maddie enjoying tummy time!


How Aunt Meg spent her Friday night…


How I spent my Friday night…


I’m calling this the ‘It’s great to have the whole family together, but ohmygod I need to start my post-baby diet ASAP’ picture.  Brian calls it the ‘Lion King’ picture.



Maddie and Brian’s parents (oops, don’t think we took any pictures with my parents!).  I’m sure Gigi has some on her phone that she’ll text me when she reads this…

Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day.  I had lots of time on the drive home to be thankful for all the sacrifices that our service men and women have made to allow us to enjoy the freedoms we have today.  We also made a detour from our usual trek to drive by the new Freedom Tower- it seemed appropriate, given the day/weekend.

XO, Mer

Pictures from the weekend!

Hope you had a great weekend! My sister (Aunt Meg!) and my college roommate (Aunt Steph) were visiting, so there was lots of Maddie cuddling, hanging in yoga pants and wine drinking!

A perfect weekend in my book!

I’m headed to a new Moms play group this morning, so here are a few pictures to tide you over until I can write a longer post (maybe never??)…









This last one is because Maddie wants you to see how much her feet have grown- those socks used to be too small and now her heel is at the end of that pink polka dot! Lol and check out those cheeks!

Rocking my world….

So, there are two things rocking my world (ok, probably will be more than two when I’m done, so I’m adding the disclaimer upfront!).

I’m only on my first cup of coffee, friends…

The first, I’ve decided if we’re going to be a formula/bottle family, then we are going to do it with maximum cuteness and accessories.

Check out my latest Amazon find:

Boon Grass Drying Rack (you can click for the link to the page):

photo copy 3

I really love it!  It makes my counter look cute, cuts down on the clutter from all the parts while they are drying, and the tray underneath makes it really easy to clean and remove the water!  And, you need the flower that goes with it for the smaller bottle parts!  And, note Mommy’s bottle in the back of that picture ;-)

Something else that’s rocking my world- reusing some of the breast pump parts for formula!  Those little 1/1.5oz pump parts are perfect for taking formula on the go!  They fit two scoops perfectly, and seal tightly.  I’ve been carrying them around in my diaper bag all week and not had a problem!

photo copy 2

Third (I knew there would be another one!), baby clothes are so darn cute!

Here’s what my fashionista will be rocking in the coming weeks (as the weather gets a little warmer- it’s going to get warmer, right?!):

photo copy 4


photo copy

And, we got out of Target spending less then $100.  $97.46 counts, right?

For Grandpa, (who only reads to see pictures of Maddie, and was quite disappointed with the ‘shorts’ post).  No offense, Dad, but you might benefit from reading some of the fashion posts, just sayin’.


XO, Mer

P.S.  Aunt Meg and Aunt Steph are here this weekend, so we’re off to play and this new Momma is hoping for a shower long enough to shave her legs!  Woohoo for two extra sets of hands!



It’s that time of year.

The time where I order shorts online in a variety of colors and sizes, knowing that most will be returned or exchanged as I search for the *perfect* pair.

Well.  This year, I’ve found two winners (and a plus size runner-up!).

Old Navy for the win!  Each pair is ~$30 and comes in lots of different colors!

Here’s what I bought and love:

Women’s Everyday Khaki Shorts (5″ inseam)

(Click HERE for the Plus version)


Note: I got them in Pink Icing Neon, which is more neon then pink (I love them!), but they aren’t for the faint of heart.  I also ended up going a size up in these, probably because they are a touch shorter than I usually wear and I felt that a little looser was more comfortable!

Women’s Perfect Khaki Twill (7″)

Click HERE for similar Plus version

NOTE: I got the Azure Like You- love the color and length.  Ordered my standard pant size.


And, a Plus runner up (because of the price tag!) from Nordstroms:

Sejour Stretch Twill Bermuda Shorts ($56)

I got the Washed Grey Cloudburst- standard pant size.


Have you found any ‘must buy’ shorts or capris this season?

Do share!  Would love to hear about what you’ve found and places/products that you love!  I’m onto capris and sundresses next!

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