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I got nothing…

It’s 5:51am, I’m trying to write this with a baby in my left arm, my coffee in my right, while typing and giving doggie snuggles with the tips of my fingers.

We had a great weekend filled with long walks, shopping, grilling and good, quality family time.

And then Sunday evening happened, and after the piles of laundry, the meal prep, the baby prep and sneaking in a few extra baby kisses, there was no time, energy or brain power left for a post. Plus, to be honest, in the grand scheme of things are weekend was really boring!

Brian worked Saturday so we went with to walk around Providence and indulge in a little retail therapy! Nordstrom was sold out of AGL’s in 38.5… How does that even happen? And, since I’m only buying purses and handbags until my baby belly fully goes away and I can wear my work clothes and breathe at the same time, I was forced to pick up some cute things for Maddie…

On Sunday, Maddie cried and fussed from 6am until 8pm with only a few cat naps and some brief moments of silence. By Sunday night I wanted nothing more then 15 minutes of quiet and a LARGE glass of wine.

So, that was our weekend- tell me you did something wild and crazy! Let me live vicariously!

XO, Mer


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