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A laugh for you, wine for me!

How is it Wednesday?  These days are flying by!

Brian and I switched up the daycare pick-up/drop-off days, so that I get a few of the ‘fun’ pick-ups instead of all the sad drop-offs.

It seems to be working better, although I was so frustrated/tired/stressed leaving work last night that i arrived at pick-up in tears.  I think our daycare provider has seen me cry more than my husband has!

It’s days like yesterday that I thank the stars for Dolly Parton: “Momma always told me there’d be days like this…”

One foot in front of the other and off we go!

We’ve actually been doing moderately OK.  Princess Fusses A Lot (we are using her royal name to get her used to it when she is betrothed to Prince George) has had a good few days.  Although they did call from daycare on Monday to tell us that she had eaten all of her bottles by 12:15.  A rough afternoon was had by all!  Fortunately, we left some backup formula there, but I’m thinking we are going through a growth spurt…

Ok, real quick, since I have to run into the office early and I was hoping to sneak into the shower and wash my hair (yesterday I only managed to remember to condition, which made for a pretty, sweated, greasy, matted down mess by the end of the day) and shave my legs (good lord I’ll need a chainsaw).

I’ve needed some ‘de-stress’ time in the evenings lately, so the good news is that I’ve been rocking the FitBit‘s world… this has happened 4 days in a row now!  Woohoo!  (Note: Why is my ass and ‘baby bump’ not getting any smaller?  Could it have to do with the dish filled with chocolate at work?)


photo copy

And, for the fun portion of this post, check out this site- I was laughing out loud at what’s to come!



And, for the wine portion- we’re heading down to MD this weekend and I’m so excited to sit with my sister and drink some wine in her kitchen!  Woohoo!  The very thought is what’s getting me through this week!  Love you, Bride-to-Be!  Now, go sit on your ass and stop beating me in steps on the FitBit!

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