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Archive for August, 2013

Monday, Monday…


Sorry for the impromptu blog-cation last week.

I knew that the end of August would be crazy, but I didn’t really know how crazy (or tired!) I would really be!

Our daycare provider has been on vacation last week and is moving her son into college this week, so we’ve been on our own to try and figure out coverage.  I ended my maternity leave with a little vacation time left, but not two weeks worth (add in an upcoming wedding and the annual trip to STX and I’m pretty much screwed, if Maddie stays healthy…), so we had a week of grandparent daycare.

It was wonderful, but a little more hectic then I expected.  And, when it came time for bed, I crashed and crashed hard.  But, it meant dinner on the table when we got home, no worries about Maddie, the house, the dogs, etc, flexibility in our schedules (early to work, late home), all of our laundry done and the house cleaned/vacuumed.  Woo-freakin-hoo.  I’ve never wanted a nanny/housekeeper more in my life.  It was amazing.

But, it also meant having family ‘all up in our grill’ for the week.  I’m usually a 3 day max visitor, then I’m ready for everyone to go and to have my space back.  LOL.

So somewhere along the way, I lost my energy to blog, to exercise, to eat healthy and to not wear navy shoes with a black skirt.  We’ve got one more week of bad behavior and then it’s going to be ‘Matron of Honor Bootcamp’ until October.

So, excuse me, while I fit in some time on the treadmill, and excuse my absence this past week with these adorable pictures!

I’ll be back on Wednesday with what I’ve been stitching (finally!).

XO, Mer


For the love of sweet potatoes!

photo copy


photo copy 2


photo copy 3


photo copy 4



Wine me!

I got nothing this morning!

It’s been a busy week, we’ve been flying through it.

I need more sleep and probably less wine, but I suspect it will go the opposite way this weekend.

We’ve got plans with friends and then the GPs (grandparents) arrive for a week of baby boot camp. LOL, not really sure who will have the upper hand there :) . Should at least make for some interesting dinner table conversations!

I’ll leave you with this gem that I found on a friends Facebook…



Dear Maddie: 4 months

Dear Maddie,

Wow, how the past 4 months have flown by!

You are so awake, alert and anxious to take in every detail around you! You watch everything and we can just see the wheels turning as you take it all in!

You’ve learned to scream at daycare (thank you, 3 year old girls!), and you follow each scream with a giggle, because you are just so darn proud of your new skill.

I’m afraid the ‘animal lover’ gene (a bad gene according to my grandmother), might have been passed on to you! Some of your longest conversations have been with Cruzan, who sits perfectly still, listens to every word and is as memorized by you, as you are of him!

You had your doctors appointment last week, and she suggested we start you on some oatmeal, since you are sucking down bottles like you in ‘da club. It’s been a fun, messy adventure! You love that the spoon goes in your mouth, but you don’t really get that whole ‘swallow’ thing, which leaves both of us a sticky mess!

You’ve been a real trooper this month and I’m so grateful. My return to work, marked your start of daycare and you’ve been so happy with Ms. Trish, eating like a champ and only taking short naps (so you sleep through the night for us!).

You’ve grown in leaps and bounds this past month, and I can only imagine what the future holds! Keep those big smiles coming, followed by the adorable sound of your giggles, and you’ll have one happy Momma!


P.S. you met lots of ‘boys’ this month. Don’t get any ideas about boyfriends… ;)








Ignore me while I do my ‘Friday happy dance’ around the living room.

What a flippin’ week.

Maddie has been on a rip and tear, which has resulted in calls from daycare 3 of the 4 days this week (so far!).  Teething?  Tummy virus?  General bitchiness?  Who knows?

So, that’s led to some stressful days.  Fortunately, HRH FAL (Her Royal Highness Princess Fusses A Lot), has been sleeping pretty well at night.  A little fussy to get to sleep, but she manages to stay asleep for a good period of time at night.

I don’t feel like I’ve got my ‘rhythm’ back at work, and this week sure didn’t help with lots on my plate, plus calls from daycare and a fussy baby in the evenings.


I thought I might be able to sneak in Maddie’s 4 month pictures last night.  Boy, was I wrong.  I didn’t even try.  She had a meltdown over a diaper change- can you even imagine the meltdown over an outfit change?

I can’t believe it’s been 4 months.  And, this week also marks a year since I peed on six sticks (because my husband didn’t believe the first 5) and our whole world changed!  What a ride it’s been…

So, with that, I’m off to take the last few minutes before 6am and waste it blissfully with some coffee and some Pinterest

Hope you have a lovely weekend and I’ll be back next week with Maddie’s 4 month update and mine!  Woohoo!

XO, Mer

These were the only pictures that I managed to get last night, on the way upstairs to change the diaper, where the meltdown happened… :-)  Also, ignore the fact that I need a cut/color.  How do you Moms with great hair find the time for basic maintenance?

photo copy


photo copy 2


photo copy 3



Maddie’s Inheritance…

… is going to be A LOT of unfinished needlepoint!

I seem to be collecting more canvases, then finding time to actually stitch them!

This weekend, while we were visiting Meg, Mom and I snuck down to Baltimore and visited Ruth at Bedecked and Beadazzled!

Always fun, always dangerous.  Particularly, since returning to work and taking care of a 4 month old, leaves me with little time to shower, to hell with finding creative time.  I spent a decent amount of Monday’s commute trying to remember if I actually rinsed out my conditioner, because Maddie started to fuss as I was getting ready.  By the end of the day, the answer was quite obviously NO!

My goal is to ease back into it, and start tackling some stockings/ornaments for Christmas and a few threads a day on the larger projects.  Could we talk about the crazy post-partum hormones that lead me to purchase the Zecca growth chart?

Also, let’s not talk about how I picked out the ‘little boy’ First Christmas stocking instead of the ‘little girl’ one.  Mentally, I was thinking that I wanted to do a teal/pink one, but I ended up picking up the little boy one and pulling all the blue threads to go with it.

When will I get my brain back?

Alright, I’m off to go get another cup of coffee and cuddle with a baby that has put her daycare through hell this week (SEND WINE!).  We’ve got teething, combined with an upset tummy, combined with who knows what else.  Need coffee.  Need wine.  Need chocolate.  Need more hours in the day.

Here are the new purchases:

photo copy 7


photo copy 4


photo copy 6

I hope that Maddie embraces my love of all things animal print… don’t you just love these project bags?  They are a heavier plastic then some others that I’ve found- my hope being that they stand up to spills by babies or husbands and general dog destruction!  Doesn’t look like Ruth has them on her website, but I’m sure you can call her if you need them (like I did!).

photo copy 5


And, here is what I am currently in the middle of… I’m not counting any of the half-finished projects that are tucked away upstairs! Only the ones that are visible in the living room…


photo copy 2


photo copy 3


photo copy


Happy Wednesday!  Hope your week has been full of more sleep, stitching and wine then mine has been so far..

XO, Mer

P.S.  I’ll be back on Friday with Maddie’s 4 month letter- AHHH!

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