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Monday, Monday…


Sorry for the impromptu blog-cation last week.

I knew that the end of August would be crazy, but I didn’t really know how crazy (or tired!) I would really be!

Our daycare provider has been on vacation last week and is moving her son into college this week, so we’ve been on our own to try and figure out coverage.  I ended my maternity leave with a little vacation time left, but not two weeks worth (add in an upcoming wedding and the annual trip to STX and I’m pretty much screwed, if Maddie stays healthy…), so we had a week of grandparent daycare.

It was wonderful, but a little more hectic then I expected.  And, when it came time for bed, I crashed and crashed hard.  But, it meant dinner on the table when we got home, no worries about Maddie, the house, the dogs, etc, flexibility in our schedules (early to work, late home), all of our laundry done and the house cleaned/vacuumed.  Woo-freakin-hoo.  I’ve never wanted a nanny/housekeeper more in my life.  It was amazing.

But, it also meant having family ‘all up in our grill’ for the week.  I’m usually a 3 day max visitor, then I’m ready for everyone to go and to have my space back.  LOL.

So somewhere along the way, I lost my energy to blog, to exercise, to eat healthy and to not wear navy shoes with a black skirt.  We’ve got one more week of bad behavior and then it’s going to be ‘Matron of Honor Bootcamp’ until October.

So, excuse me, while I fit in some time on the treadmill, and excuse my absence this past week with these adorable pictures!

I’ll be back on Wednesday with what I’ve been stitching (finally!).

XO, Mer


For the love of sweet potatoes!

photo copy


photo copy 2


photo copy 3


photo copy 4



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