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Weekend Fun!

Wow, we had quite a busy weekend-

We had Dave over for dinner, which was really fun!  He’s such a great ‘Uncle’ with Maddie- she cuddled right up to him with only a slightly skeptical expression!



Between hosting guests/parade o’ visitors/traveling, we’ve not had much time to hang out and get our list of ‘house to dos’ done!  So, this weekend we cleaned the house and donated an entire car full of stuff to the charity thrift shop in our town, weeded and started mulching all of our garden beds, got the veggies and herbs planted and Brian built me a great planter for the deck (he’ll take credit for putting it together, but the idea and construction instruction credit go to Lance!).

My plan was to take a series of photos and describe how to do it.  Then Maddie starting screaming, Brian had to run to Lowes (again) and I starting drinking white wine.  Here’s the series of pictures that I got:




I’m so calling that one ‘best butt on the blog’


I have basil (sweet, purple and spicy globe), rosemary, spinach and just a few beets seeds planted in there.  I’m trying a new seed variety- Hybrid Corn, designed for planters, that you can see along the edge of the garden below.  I also planted lots of habaneros- my hot sauce was a hit last year, so I’m going to try again this year!  I’ll let you know how it goes!

And with that, I’m off to grab another cup of coffee and see how much of my breakfast I can scarf down before Maddie realizes I’m eating and starts screaming!

Check back on Wednesday for my post on Newborn Must Haves!  I’m just putting the finishing touches on it!

And, because my posts aren’t complete without a cute picture of Maddie…


Sunday Morning Coffee, Pink Laundry and Poison Ivy

Coffee always tastes best to me on a sunny Sunday morning, with a snoozing baby (and husband!), no plans for the day, and a totally quiet house (except for the farting greyhound next to me- OMG).

In my BM life (BM= Before Maddie, in this case), I would be plotting plans for the day, preparing for the week ahead and probably sneaking in an hour or two of stitching before Brian woke up.

This morning, I’m reflecting on the fact that I used the last of the dog food to feed the dogs dinner last night and Costco doesn’t open until 10am (it’s 5:15 as I’m writing this!), that I somehow managed to get all of the stains out of Maddie’s laundry this week (no easy feat!) while turning all of our whites a lovely shade of pink, and that the lovely green foliage that is popping up all over our hedge, and I’ve been enjoying watching grow, is actually poison ivy (how the hell was I supposed to know, I surely have never gone camping or voluntarily spent time in the wilderness?!).  To be honest, I initially thought it had 5 leaves and was potentially a pot plant sneaking in from our neighbors yard.

In my BM life, I’d be freaking out.  Now, I’m not sure if it’s an infant-mom, zen-like existence, or just sheer exhaustion, but I’m calm, cool, collected and sipping my coffee on the couch.

The dogs will love our leftover hamburgers for breakfast.  We just had a little girl, so an all-pink wardrobe seems appropriate (I’m hopeful that Brian will agree with this, or just not notice.  Banking on the later).  And, poison ivy, well I don’t quite have a solution to that, but I can’t guarantee that I won’t just rent one of those fancy dump truck-like machines and just rip out the whole hedge.  During the next nap time.  RIIIIIIIIGHT.

Oh, and I also dropped my iPad and completely shattered the screen.  As opposed to the last time I dropped it and just shattered the corner.  But, I can still play Candy Crush and Double Down Casinos, so no need for immediate panic.  And, on that note, if you are playing Candy Crush and not sending me extra lives- SHAME ON YOU.  Ditto on the daily free spin from Double Down Casino.

So, with that, I raise a coffee toast to you and I’m off to fold some (pink) laundry, harass the husband out of bed (time to do some garden work, honey!!) and contemplate buying Bri an iPad for me Father’s Day!

Oh, and cut up leftover hamburgers for my starving dogs.  Greyhounds are so dramatic.

And, here’s some cuteness for you to enjoy with your coffee:




Easter Centerpiece

So, I attempted a Pinterest victory this past weekend..

I saw these two pictures and pinned them for inspiration…






My first issue was finding the vases…

I went to AC Moore and splurged on the outer vase, but I wasn’t planning on spending $20 dollars on the vases alone… So, I found a large round vase for $9.99 and a smaller vase that fit inside (and was same height!) for $1.49.  Perfect match…

Next, I went to CVS, raided the candy aisle, brought it home on Friday and promptly ate all the Peeps (and opened one of the bags of jelly beans…).  So, morale of the story, buy more than you think you need, or don’t eat the ingredients before you’ve finished the project…

I’m actually really happy with how it turned out!





Boston Flower Show!

What a great day yesterday!

We had a date day (trying to cram in some extra special date/couple time these last few weekends) and headed to a breakfast hosted by the Newport Preservation Society.  We’ve been members for several years- I love touring the houses and spending time in Newport! – and they were hosting a presentation on their design entry for the Boston Flower Show.  It was a lot of fun, and we headed across the street to the flower show shortly after the presentation and breakfast.

I took lots of pictures to share with you, so enjoy!  It makes me itch to get outside and start getting our garden beds together… I think I’m going to plan for an hour outside today to just ‘pick up’ some of the beds and organize our plans for the Spring.  Heavens knows we are going to be a little busy this Spring!!


















Lazy Sunday Morning!

Another lazy morning for us!

This is what I woke up to:


So cute and cuddled in! We slept with the windows wide open, so it was a little chilly this morning!

And, a short post, because I’m off to tackle these projects:





Time to tame the garden!

May your day be filled with garden fresh veggies and lots of sunshine!


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