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Ummm… Hello?

Are you there?

It’s been a while! Do we need to start over with introductions?

Bottom line, I’ve been insanely busy. I think I’ve put about 4500 miles on my car since the start of August.

And, about a case of wine on my hips.

But, that’s neither here nor there.

Even busy, we are all doing great.

I’m going to keep up the hold on the blog for a bit until I get more into the swing of things, but make sure you like the Tales Of A Working Mom Facebook (click here!) page for daily updates and pictures!!

Xoxo, M

Monday, Monday…


Sorry for the impromptu blog-cation last week.

I knew that the end of August would be crazy, but I didn’t really know how crazy (or tired!) I would really be!

Our daycare provider has been on vacation last week and is moving her son into college this week, so we’ve been on our own to try and figure out coverage.  I ended my maternity leave with a little vacation time left, but not two weeks worth (add in an upcoming wedding and the annual trip to STX and I’m pretty much screwed, if Maddie stays healthy…), so we had a week of grandparent daycare.

It was wonderful, but a little more hectic then I expected.  And, when it came time for bed, I crashed and crashed hard.  But, it meant dinner on the table when we got home, no worries about Maddie, the house, the dogs, etc, flexibility in our schedules (early to work, late home), all of our laundry done and the house cleaned/vacuumed.  Woo-freakin-hoo.  I’ve never wanted a nanny/housekeeper more in my life.  It was amazing.

But, it also meant having family ‘all up in our grill’ for the week.  I’m usually a 3 day max visitor, then I’m ready for everyone to go and to have my space back.  LOL.

So somewhere along the way, I lost my energy to blog, to exercise, to eat healthy and to not wear navy shoes with a black skirt.  We’ve got one more week of bad behavior and then it’s going to be ‘Matron of Honor Bootcamp’ until October.

So, excuse me, while I fit in some time on the treadmill, and excuse my absence this past week with these adorable pictures!

I’ll be back on Wednesday with what I’ve been stitching (finally!).

XO, Mer


For the love of sweet potatoes!

photo copy


photo copy 2


photo copy 3


photo copy 4



Wine me!

I got nothing this morning!

It’s been a busy week, we’ve been flying through it.

I need more sleep and probably less wine, but I suspect it will go the opposite way this weekend.

We’ve got plans with friends and then the GPs (grandparents) arrive for a week of baby boot camp. LOL, not really sure who will have the upper hand there :) . Should at least make for some interesting dinner table conversations!

I’ll leave you with this gem that I found on a friends Facebook…



Bridal Shower Roadtrip!

Ahhh… roadtrips!

I used to love them… it meant stopping in new places, pushing through the drive to get to an exciting stop or destination, singing along to fun music, eating at funky places, etc.

Now it means that we pack 3xs more shit then we might need, music is played softly so it doesn’t disturb the ‘backseat beast’ (who finally passed out after screaming through the entire state of Connecticut) and a rush to get to the destination in a fit of stress and exhaustion.

Oh how times have changed…

Fortunately, we didn’t have too many challenges this weekend, and once we got there and settled in, I was able to relax a bit and enjoy the festivities!

We had a lovely Friday with GiGi, lunching and shopping for needlepoint (Maddie WILL BE a needlepointed.  Everything else is negotiable.).

Then I had a total meltdown, when I tried on the dress I had packed for the shower and both Mom and Meg cringed.  LOL.  And, then asked what the other options were.

Hmmm… black yoga pants and an old navy maternity tank top with a stain of some variety down the front?

Fueled by a large glass of wine, my sister kindly ran me over to her Macy’s (open to 9:30pm on a Friday!) and picked me out a dress on the sale rack- marked down from $110 to $22.  Done and Done.

I tried to find it online and couldn’t, but check out your Macy’s right now- great sales!

The shower was lovely- a wonderful group of Meg and Lance’s family and friends.

Meg asked that I not take too many pictures to post on the blog, so out of respect to her wishes, I just snapped a few of the decorations (and one cute baby one!).  I’ll start the negotiating now to be able to take more at the wedding!

photo copy 2


photo copy 5


photo copy 3


photo copy

Saturday night, we had a lovely date night at Iron Hill Brewery.  Our first time out alone since we had Maddie.  We talked about her the entire time, and I only checked my phone once (and I had a text from my in-laws about her, so that’s justified!).

It was really fun to just be with the hubby though, and we walked down Main Street, Newark, DE reminiscing about our time there.

Sunday morning brought a few moments of baby giggles before it was time to hit the road.

photo copy 4

Our usual 6 hour trip now takes closer to 9 with stops to feed the baby and stretch legs, so I’m always anxious to get on the road early.  Fortunately, traffic was only heavy towards Boston and it went smoothly.  4 loads of laundry later, and this Momma dropped into a tired sleep, ready to face the week.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

XO, Mer

A laugh for you, wine for me!

How is it Wednesday?  These days are flying by!

Brian and I switched up the daycare pick-up/drop-off days, so that I get a few of the ‘fun’ pick-ups instead of all the sad drop-offs.

It seems to be working better, although I was so frustrated/tired/stressed leaving work last night that i arrived at pick-up in tears.  I think our daycare provider has seen me cry more than my husband has!

It’s days like yesterday that I thank the stars for Dolly Parton: “Momma always told me there’d be days like this…”

One foot in front of the other and off we go!

We’ve actually been doing moderately OK.  Princess Fusses A Lot (we are using her royal name to get her used to it when she is betrothed to Prince George) has had a good few days.  Although they did call from daycare on Monday to tell us that she had eaten all of her bottles by 12:15.  A rough afternoon was had by all!  Fortunately, we left some backup formula there, but I’m thinking we are going through a growth spurt…

Ok, real quick, since I have to run into the office early and I was hoping to sneak into the shower and wash my hair (yesterday I only managed to remember to condition, which made for a pretty, sweated, greasy, matted down mess by the end of the day) and shave my legs (good lord I’ll need a chainsaw).

I’ve needed some ‘de-stress’ time in the evenings lately, so the good news is that I’ve been rocking the FitBit‘s world… this has happened 4 days in a row now!  Woohoo!  (Note: Why is my ass and ‘baby bump’ not getting any smaller?  Could it have to do with the dish filled with chocolate at work?)


photo copy

And, for the fun portion of this post, check out this site- I was laughing out loud at what’s to come!



And, for the wine portion- we’re heading down to MD this weekend and I’m so excited to sit with my sister and drink some wine in her kitchen!  Woohoo!  The very thought is what’s getting me through this week!  Love you, Bride-to-Be!  Now, go sit on your ass and stop beating me in steps on the FitBit!

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