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I Need Another Weekend…

One weekend is definitely not enough to fit in the laundry, errands and baby cuddles that I need to fit in!

So, I’m going to be brief this morning- you’ll have to come back for a wordier post when I’ve got more wine, more coffee and/or more time!

So, this morning, suck down your coffee and enjoy the photo recap of the weekend- that’s what I’ll be doing (as I race around in my SPANX trying to find a suit that still fits…).

I started my friday night off right-

A special package from Steffi J- with Maddie’s first CD (and 5 others for Momma!).

photo copy 4


And, as if that mail wasn’t enough!  A magical box of needlepoint came from the stitching fairies.  They are so nice to send me *free* gifts every few weeks :-)  It makes my husband so happy when they arrive…

photo copy 3


Maddie and I had craft time on Saturday- prepping things for Meg’s bridal shower!  She was incredibly enthusiastic, but not particularly productive!  But, we had lots of baby giggles…

photo copy


This was my view on Sunday morning… we slept in until 6:30am and Gabby and Fendi were NOT happy about the delayed breakfast service.

photo copy 2


And, Bon Jovi was playing at Patriots Place, which we totally didn’t realize when we stopped at Trader Joe’s there to do our weekly grocery shopping… There was a woman so decked out for the concert with the largest watermelons that we had ever seen… Brian has been talking about it non-stop and made me take this photo to help Lance better understand the situation.

photo copy 6


And on that note, I’m off to start the work week!

What were your weekend highlights?  Can you even imagine boobs that big?

XO, Mer


Friday Favorites- Pinterest Food

It never fails-

Every time I look at Pinterest, I get hungry.

Have you found any good recipes or cooking tips on Pinterest lately?  Feel free to post a link on the Tales of A Working Mom Facebook page and share the love (and calories!) with your fellow readers!

Here are 3 recipes that I’m absolutely going to try this weekend:

Crab Rangoon Cups

Oh yeah!  These look awesome and super easy to put together.  Honestly, I might serve them as dinner with a big, green salad!

Crab Rangoon



Parmesan Quinoa Pancakes w/ Whipped Tomato and Feta Sauce

Holy Yum.  Those are calling my name.  I’m thinking about serving them for dinner on Sunday night, and freezing extra for lunches or a quick dinner during the week!

quinoa cakes


Spinach, Caramelized Onion and Feta Quiche

Quiche has become one of our favorite weeknight dinners.  We can prep it in advance, or throw it together that night and hang out with Maddie while it bakes!  This looks yummy, although I’ll have to chop the onions super small to sneak them in for Brian…



Happy Friday, y’all!


I Heart My…

So, I’m falling in love.

And, it’s not with my husband or my new baby.

It’s with my FitBit.

Love it.

Do you have one?

I have the FitBit Zip

I wear it on my bra every day.  It syncs to my iPhone 5, my iPad and my computer.  It tracks steps, miles and calories burned.  My favorite part is the week overview which gives you your week broken out into Sedentary, Lightly Active, Fairly Active and Very Active.  I’ve been slowly bumping my step goal up to 10,000.

Some days I hit the goal and some days I’m short, but wearing the FitBit has really helped me stay motivated and active!

Plus, it appeals to my competitive side, and let’s me track my steps against friend’s weekly steps!  This really motivates me to fit in extra steps where I can!

I’m hoping that I can use the FitBit to get back into the swing of exercising, while getting back to work and balancing Mommy-duties.

Do you wear a pedometer?  What’s your step goal?  How do you fit in a few extra steps?

P.S. The FitBit One is already on my Christmas List… if I don’t buy it for myself before that!



And, we aren’t talking about my work pants/suits (those SO DO NOT fit!).


Our new couch fit through our backdoor and into our living room beautifully!  Bravo to the two hardworking, hot, sweaty, built-like-a-brick-shithouse, ex-military men who made it work.  You can move my couch anytime ;-)

So the deal is that we really wanted to update our living room.  When we moved from our 596 sq ft. condo in Cambridge, we had very little furniture.  Very little meaning very few pieces…

When we moved, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on furniture because we were going to redo all the walls, remove wallpaper, and we wanted to get an idea of how we would use each space.  I found a couch/chair and dining room set on Craigslist for cheap and we loaded up a U-Haul to pick it all up one weekend.  The items have all held up, but 3 years with 3 dogs and the couch was starting to look a little worn.  Plus, it really wasn’t to my taste/style for a comfy living room.

So, enter Restoration Hardware.  I’ve lusted over their catalogs for years.  I met with a design consultant and plotted out the room I wanted.  I just about died when I started adding up an estimate for the room: $16,000.


Not only is that not in my budget range, but I also wasn’t sure how the furniture would hold up to the constant beating with the animals, the baby and the husband.

And, then it happened.  Last weekend, I was innocently sipping my coffee, pursuing Craigslist (no it’s not all crazies and rapist, Mother) and stumbled on a post for a Restoration Hardware Belgian Sloped Arm Sofa in Beige Linen.

FOR $400 at a Boston Consignment shop.

Mothers around the world, you would have been AMAZED at how quickly I got the infant and the hubby packed into the car and to the Needham store room to check it out.  I’m pretty sure it was like 15 minutes total, and that included a shower.

With visions of a neutral, beachy living room in my eyes, I slapped down my debit card, barely breathing and not even really considering how we’d get it in the house.  Oh, and I also bought the two armchairs that they displayed with it.  While Brian had heart palpitations.

The OH SHIT moment of: How the EFF are they going to get that into our house? That came later.

So, this is a really long way of saying that those hot, sweaty, gorgeous men tried the front door and failed, took the feet off, moved every piece of furniture on our first floor, removed the back door and all porch furniture and got the couch in the house.


photo copy 4


photo copy 3


photo copy


photo copy 2


Ignore the other furniture placement in the first picture- that was temporary as we moved the recliner on the other side of the couch to the curb!  WOOHOO Good riddance, I’ve hated you since you arrived broken from Overstock.com!

I thought about doing a ‘staged’ photo shoot this morning, but honestly, I’d rather just natter at you while nursing a cup of coffee then rush around and stage everything to look perfect.

A new rug comes this week, so I’ll take more pictures then!

And, doing all of this moving meant that a lot of other things had to move around.

The dogs broke the bed in our spare guest room.  Like legit jumped on it so many times that the metal holding the headboard and base together was totally stripped.  They loved it!  It made a great bit of noise every time they wrestled on it.

It drove me nuts.  To the curb it went.

The sleeper sofa from the basement went upstairs and the room was *instantly* converted into a playroom for Maddie.  It gives us a great spot to store her toys and set-up some of the bigger ones without having them take over the living room (with the pack n’play and the swing, there isn’t much room…).  Moving the sofa up, means that we still have an extra guest room, but we also have a spot for sitting, playing and reading with the grandparents when they come for visits!

Here are some pictures I snapped when we were playing this weekend:

photo copy 7




photo copy 10


Someone loves their exerciser or whatever the heck those things are called!

So we got that room set, then moved the leather sofa and chair into the basement for a ‘Man Cave’.  Brian and Chris (after a few beers) decided that the best time to move the sofa would be during the finale of the fireworks and right as Debbie sat down and put her feet up.  I think she rested her ankles for about 10 seconds before they literally moved the coffee table away and started picking up couch cushions.

LOL.  Timing is everything in life…

Before we got to heavily into the redecorating, we stopped for a quick photoshot with Meghan and Chris.  I call them our MA Family!  They are a part of our family and we have been welcomed into their families as well!  We met a lot of Chris’ family when we hosted their Wedding BBQ last summer, and then Meghan’s family at the wedding in October.  Chris’ Mom was the first one to send us a baby gift- a blanket for the nursery!  Chris’ Aunt sent a knit sweater with the most adorable kitten buttons!  And, as if that wasn’t enough, Meghan’s Mom sent a beautiful afghan- pink with white trim!  I treasure each handmade gift that we’ve received, and whenever we use one, I always tell Maddie what I know about the person that gave it to us (only the good stuff ;-) )

I’ve been wanting to snap pictures to send them, but I’ve forgotten the last few times that Meghan and Chris were over.  So, we had a mini photo shoot!

photo copy 5


photo copy 6


And, I’m wrapping this up because it’s going WAY TOO long!

If you are still reading, I’ll say that we also spent some time at the outlets on the 4th, and if you were worried about Maddie having to go naked… you can forget that!

Her nursery is all organized and her drawers and closet are stocked!

photo copy 9


photo copy 8

I think my nerves about going back to work are showing in the cleaning, reorganizing, redecorating…

Oh well… it gives me something to do and I’m going back to work feeling like my house is ‘in order’!

Hope you are having an awesome holiday weekend!


It’s that time of year.

The time where I order shorts online in a variety of colors and sizes, knowing that most will be returned or exchanged as I search for the *perfect* pair.

Well.  This year, I’ve found two winners (and a plus size runner-up!).

Old Navy for the win!  Each pair is ~$30 and comes in lots of different colors!

Here’s what I bought and love:

Women’s Everyday Khaki Shorts (5″ inseam)

(Click HERE for the Plus version)


Note: I got them in Pink Icing Neon, which is more neon then pink (I love them!), but they aren’t for the faint of heart.  I also ended up going a size up in these, probably because they are a touch shorter than I usually wear and I felt that a little looser was more comfortable!

Women’s Perfect Khaki Twill (7″)

Click HERE for similar Plus version

NOTE: I got the Azure Like You- love the color and length.  Ordered my standard pant size.


And, a Plus runner up (because of the price tag!) from Nordstroms:

Sejour Stretch Twill Bermuda Shorts ($56)

I got the Washed Grey Cloudburst- standard pant size.


Have you found any ‘must buy’ shorts or capris this season?

Do share!  Would love to hear about what you’ve found and places/products that you love!  I’m onto capris and sundresses next!

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