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Maddie’s Inheritance…

… is going to be A LOT of unfinished needlepoint!

I seem to be collecting more canvases, then finding time to actually stitch them!

This weekend, while we were visiting Meg, Mom and I snuck down to Baltimore and visited Ruth at Bedecked and Beadazzled!

Always fun, always dangerous.  Particularly, since returning to work and taking care of a 4 month old, leaves me with little time to shower, to hell with finding creative time.  I spent a decent amount of Monday’s commute trying to remember if I actually rinsed out my conditioner, because Maddie started to fuss as I was getting ready.  By the end of the day, the answer was quite obviously NO!

My goal is to ease back into it, and start tackling some stockings/ornaments for Christmas and a few threads a day on the larger projects.  Could we talk about the crazy post-partum hormones that lead me to purchase the Zecca growth chart?

Also, let’s not talk about how I picked out the ‘little boy’ First Christmas stocking instead of the ‘little girl’ one.  Mentally, I was thinking that I wanted to do a teal/pink one, but I ended up picking up the little boy one and pulling all the blue threads to go with it.

When will I get my brain back?

Alright, I’m off to go get another cup of coffee and cuddle with a baby that has put her daycare through hell this week (SEND WINE!).  We’ve got teething, combined with an upset tummy, combined with who knows what else.  Need coffee.  Need wine.  Need chocolate.  Need more hours in the day.

Here are the new purchases:

photo copy 7


photo copy 4


photo copy 6

I hope that Maddie embraces my love of all things animal print… don’t you just love these project bags?  They are a heavier plastic then some others that I’ve found- my hope being that they stand up to spills by babies or husbands and general dog destruction!  Doesn’t look like Ruth has them on her website, but I’m sure you can call her if you need them (like I did!).

photo copy 5


And, here is what I am currently in the middle of… I’m not counting any of the half-finished projects that are tucked away upstairs! Only the ones that are visible in the living room…


photo copy 2


photo copy 3


photo copy


Happy Wednesday!  Hope your week has been full of more sleep, stitching and wine then mine has been so far..

XO, Mer

P.S.  I’ll be back on Friday with Maddie’s 4 month letter- AHHH!

I Need Another Weekend…

One weekend is definitely not enough to fit in the laundry, errands and baby cuddles that I need to fit in!

So, I’m going to be brief this morning- you’ll have to come back for a wordier post when I’ve got more wine, more coffee and/or more time!

So, this morning, suck down your coffee and enjoy the photo recap of the weekend- that’s what I’ll be doing (as I race around in my SPANX trying to find a suit that still fits…).

I started my friday night off right-

A special package from Steffi J- with Maddie’s first CD (and 5 others for Momma!).

photo copy 4


And, as if that mail wasn’t enough!  A magical box of needlepoint came from the stitching fairies.  They are so nice to send me *free* gifts every few weeks :-)  It makes my husband so happy when they arrive…

photo copy 3


Maddie and I had craft time on Saturday- prepping things for Meg’s bridal shower!  She was incredibly enthusiastic, but not particularly productive!  But, we had lots of baby giggles…

photo copy


This was my view on Sunday morning… we slept in until 6:30am and Gabby and Fendi were NOT happy about the delayed breakfast service.

photo copy 2


And, Bon Jovi was playing at Patriots Place, which we totally didn’t realize when we stopped at Trader Joe’s there to do our weekly grocery shopping… There was a woman so decked out for the concert with the largest watermelons that we had ever seen… Brian has been talking about it non-stop and made me take this photo to help Lance better understand the situation.

photo copy 6


And on that note, I’m off to start the work week!

What were your weekend highlights?  Can you even imagine boobs that big?

XO, Mer


Finally, Some Needlepoint!

Wow, it has been a LONG time since I threaded a needle!

I don’t know if it was a third trimester pregnancy symptom or just plain old fatigue, but my eyes were so tired at the end of the day that I couldn’t begin to focus on stitching.  Let’s be honest, I just plain couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I lost my stitching mojo.

Then I got a little package from the needlepoint fairy (aka Mary Agnes at Needle Nicely).

Look at what she sent to celebrate Maddie’s birth:

photo copy 8


It’s perfect for three reasons:

1) It inspired me to find my stitching mojo!

2) I was looking for a special first Christmas ornament for Maddie

3) The personalized/handmade gifts that we’ve received hold such a special place in our hearts and lives!

I raced to my stash to find some fibers and get started.  Thank goodness for a long, nighttime nap and a 2 hour Dancing with the Stars episode!  I got the letters all finished and I’ll slowly work my way through the design this week.  I’m thinking of sticking with basketweave for most of it, but if you have a suggestion for the background, let me know!

photo copy 7


photo copy 9


Boston Strong!

I didn’t blog about the Boston Marathon bombings- it was a terrible week, a terrible tragedy and as a new mother, I can’t begin to comprehend how the events will impact the victim’s lives.

It was tense, emotional, scary (we were part of the ‘shelter-in-place’ request on friday when the manhunt was going on), impacted far too many friends and left a huge hole in a city I’ve grown to call home.

Rather then focus on the negative (the news crews have done enough of that!), I’ll focus on the positive.

How our city has come together and become ‘Boston Strong’.  It’s every where.  Shirts, signs, donor funds, athletic events, commercials and… the needlepoint shop!

I was really impressed to see these two canvases at my local needlepoint shop, The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection.

If you need a little ‘Boston Strong’ in your life, give them a call at 781-235-2477 to order yours today.





They are small, will stitch quickly and serve as a reminder of the true grit that Boston demonstrated during a dark, painful time in our history.

For $48, I was happy to know that the proceeds go to the One Fund Boston.

I’m thinking of making mine into a hanging ornament and keeping it displayed in a special place… Or maybe as a small plaque that can be tucked onto my mantel or coffee table.

What helps you heal?  What makes you feel ‘Boston Strong’ during a tough time?

Just a little damage…

to report!

In case you didn’t read my posts from the weekend (and have no idea what damage I’m talking about!), here you go:

Pregnancy Update: Week 29

Nursery Sneak Peek

So, I got talked into (trust me, didn’t take much!) attending my LNS Super Bowl Sale on Sunday.  All canvases were at least 50% off, with some marked down more, and all discontinued fibers, stitch books, purses, etc. also marked down substantially.

In other words, it was heaven.

And, crowded.  LOL, talk about intense, I even overheard some harsh words/mini-fights over some of the sports-related canvases.

But, I managed to come out unscathed and with ONLY 4 new purchases…

Well, technically 3 are for Baby H… so does that mean I really only bought one?!

Anything to justify stash enhancement…

The biggest purchase was a Christmas Stocking for Baby H…

Unfortunately, my computer doesn’t like the picture that I took, so here it is on the Pocket Full of Stitches Website:





I’m thinking that will keep me busy for a while!  It ‘spoke’ to me in the store, and is similar enough in design and colors to look fantastic with mine and with Brian’s (still a work in progress!).

And, I know I’m rushing it, but here is a tooth fairy pillow that I just couldn’t resist!  So cute.. and lord knows I’ll need at least 5 years to get it finished at the rate I am currently stitching (0 mph).


A little something for the Momma-to-be, who is really starting to look forward to that first glass of spicy red wine or ice cold champagne post-birth.


And, another little something for the nursery!  I think this will make a super cute, beachy nightlight… I’m going to play with the colors a bit to make it a bit more pastel in some areas, which will work better with the current color scheme!


What do you think of the purchases?  I’m really excited about them!  Next year, I’m going to *try* and be in the group that lines up at 7am!

Have you gotten any amazing deals lately?  Made any splurges?

Tell me!  Make me feel better!!

Happy Monday!


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