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Tonight? Not Tonight! Oh la la….

So, I (almost!) finished another project!

I took a small break from stitching to knit and now I’m back trying to finish up some of my projects before BabyH decides to make an appearance!

If you’ll remember, I stitched Not Tonight a few months ago… and now I’ve finished Tonight!

Here are the canvases, now I just need to figure out how to have them finished!

What do you think?  What would you do?!






Nutcracker Needlepoint!

Ahhhh…. Monday.  Again.  Why, why, why?

Oh well, let’s start on a good note!

Here’s my weekend recap:

Pregnancy Update: Week 21

Christmas Decor

I’m loving my needlepoint ornaments that I completed this year!

You see several of them in my Christmas Decor post, but here is a dedicated post to the Nutcracker ornaments that I completed this year!

If you’ll recall, I worked with Mary Agnes (you can read her blog HERE) at Needle Nicely on the canvases and finishing and they were painted by Anne of The Cape Stitcher Blog.

Now, in all honesty, I only have 6 of the 12 done, but that gives me something to work on in the next few months (pre-baby!), in hopes of finishing another few for next year!  I’d be happy getting another 3 done this year and 3 done the following year to complete the set!

I’m thrilled with how the finishing turned out and love how they greet me every day when I walk in the door!










And, I discovered these two ornaments in the collection that my Mom gave to me last Christmas!  Perfect to fill in some of the empty spaces for now (although I’m noticing that Mr. Pink Nutcracker needs a little fix!).



I’m just so pleased with how it’s come together!

Do you have any collections that you’re particularly proud or excited about?  Anything that you are in the process of collecting or crafting?!

Hope you’re having a good Monday!

Christmas decor…

Good Sunday morning!

I hope you’ve had a good weekend so far!

Mine has been spent running errands, doing laundry and baking Christmas cookies!

Needless to say, it’s been a lot of fun!

I know I gave you a sneak peek of my decorations last weekend, here are some better pictures…

I’ll be back Monday and Tuesday with some of the specific needlepoint ornaments and the outdoor decorations!







(NOTE: I love this!  Bella and I painted these last year and it’s one of my favorite decorations- both for the memory and how cute it is!!!)



A new ornament from Momma B!  Love it- and isn’t the finishing great?!  Looks just like an actual flip flop!

Note: Finishing by Needle Nicely

Happy Sunday to you!


Homemade Wedding Gifts

So if you’ve been following the blog for the last few weeks, then you’ve seen this post about the projects I was working on for the wedding.

Here is how I finished them:


Note: Amounts are based on two 7″x9″ signs

Staple gun

0.5 yards fabric (think cotton, sturdy blends)

3 yards decorative braid

2 12″ pieces of ribbon

Craft glue (Modge Podge or glue gun)

1) Using a staple gun, mount the canvas onto stretcher bars.  I snapped a picture of my favorite stretcher bars for you- available from most local needlepoint shops.



2) Layout the fabric (lightly iron, if needed) and cut in half.  Position the canvas on stretcher bars in the middle of the fabric and carefully fold the fabric over until it forms a straight line and covers the edges of the stretcher bars.  Fold the corners like you would a present and staple the fabric into place.  Be careful to staple close to the canvas, so that the decorative braid will lay flat and cover the staples.  Repeat the process with each side.


3) When all 4 sides are covered, carefully layout and measure the decorative braid needed to ‘frame’ the picture.  Start in the middle of one of the sides and lay a thin line of glue onto the fabric, careful to not get glue on the canvas, and to cover the staples.  Let the glue dry according to package directions.



4) When dry, flip the frame over and attach one of the ribbons to the top corners of the frame to create a ‘loop’ for hanging.




Other notes: this really works best with a second set of hands- especially when folding the fabric and gluing the braid.  Also, try and preserve the canvas, allowing the item to be ‘recreated’ post-event.  I believe that Meghan has plans to turn these into matching pillows for their home… I used a craft glue that dried clear to try and prevent any damage to the canvas and just standard staple gun screws to try and make it easy to ‘deconstruct’.



And, my favorite helper!

Hope this is helpful- email me with questions!


Wedding Gift!

Good morning, friends!

I’ll be honest, as this publishes, I’m probably still snuggled into bed and sound asleep.  I did a little prep work this weekend, figuring that I might be a little wiped out from all the celebrating!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a full wedding (and weekend!) recap and I owe you one more post on the needlepoint signs that I made for the newlyweds!

But, in the meantime, you’ll have to take another sip of coffee and enjoy the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the gift that I made for Meghan and Chris.

I wanted to do something that was a little more personal, yet something that they would cherish for years to come!

So, I settled on what I do best- needlepoint!  And, with the help of Elaine from The Wellesley Needlepoint Collection, I was able to create a beautiful present for them to remember their special day!

Framing is by The Frameman in Randolph, MA, and the canvas is from Ewe and Eye.

Here are the pictures (apologies that it’s wrapped up, I wanted to keep it neatly wrapped to protect it!).






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