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About Me



Mer’s World: A fun perspective on motherhood, healthy-eating, regular workouts, finished needlepoint projects and living with T1 diabetes!

Thanks for checking out my blog!  This is a creative effort, due to years of friend’s exclaiming “you should write a blog” after a I finish a story of work, play or travel.  I live in Boston, with my wonderful husband, Brian, our new daughter, Madison, and our collection of rescued animals.   Here is a run down of our current roommates:

Dolce- 3-legged ‘Bad Dog’ rescued greyhound, enjoys digging large holes, escaping from the fenced yard and filet mignon stolen from the counter.

Cruzan- 4-legged rescued greyhound, likes to sleep on the couch, meander around the block and sleep on the couch (did I mention he likes to sleep on the couch?)

Croix- Rescued ‘Coconut Lab’ puppy from St. Croix, likes to eat dirt, eat pillows, eat shoes, chase cats and generally cause mayhem.

Fendi- the fat cat, thinks he’s a dog, likes whipped cream from the can and believes that dinner should be served shortly after breakfast.

Gabbi- the ‘Queen’ of the house, is a rescued kitty that takes great pride in beating up the dogs, moving furniture to get the best spot in the sun and perching at the highest point possible in the room.

From L-R: Dolce, Croix and Cruzan in my ‘garden’


When I am not settling a screaming baby or chasing after the animals to prevent further destruction, I can often be found playing in the dirt trying to grow a single flower or sitting on the deck starting one of the several needlepoint projects that never seems to get finished!  I also have a great passion for shopping, handbags and shoes, which you may end up seeing sprinkled throughout the posts…

As a Type 1 diabetic, I am on a constant quest for good health, which means putting down the cupcakes and red wine and stepping onto the treadmill (for the purpose of working out, rather than removing the drying, hand-washed laundry)…  I also chronicled my pregnancy as a resource for Type 1 diabetics thinking about starting a family!

I spoken with many friends and family members who easily relate to the struggle of salad (dressing on the side, please) over filet mignon (yes, the gorgonzola cream on top is fine), or trying to coax a flower from a dog-trampled plant, in a garden that has several craters being dug to facilitate easy travel to China, or who started an ambitious craft project on a Saturday morning only to pull it out again a year later and wonder what you were thinking when you started it…

 This blog is meant to make you laugh, offer a humorous glimpse into any of the above situations, and provide a creative outlet for my many musings.  I hope that you will read the posts with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of red wine in the evening, to help you start or end your day with a smile.

Either way, a toast to you, my friends, for stopping by my little part of this electronic world.

 As a disclaimer, I don’t have a medical degree, so any nutrition or weight information will be formulated from my own research and opinions.  While I do have a yard (and hope to have a tomato this year), I am far from an expert gardener, and would advise that you seek professional assistance from a local garden center.  Furthermore, while I do occasionally finish needlepoint and craft projects, I am hardly an expert.  I’d advise you to bypass the larger chain stores and head straight to the brick/mortar needlepoint or yarn shop for professional advice!