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Dear Maddie: 4 months

Dear Maddie,

Wow, how the past 4 months have flown by!

You are so awake, alert and anxious to take in every detail around you! You watch everything and we can just see the wheels turning as you take it all in!

You’ve learned to scream at daycare (thank you, 3 year old girls!), and you follow each scream with a giggle, because you are just so darn proud of your new skill.

I’m afraid the ‘animal lover’ gene (a bad gene according to my grandmother), might have been passed on to you! Some of your longest conversations have been with Cruzan, who sits perfectly still, listens to every word and is as memorized by you, as you are of him!

You had your doctors appointment last week, and she suggested we start you on some oatmeal, since you are sucking down bottles like you in ‘da club. It’s been a fun, messy adventure! You love that the spoon goes in your mouth, but you don’t really get that whole ‘swallow’ thing, which leaves both of us a sticky mess!

You’ve been a real trooper this month and I’m so grateful. My return to work, marked your start of daycare and you’ve been so happy with Ms. Trish, eating like a champ and only taking short naps (so you sleep through the night for us!).

You’ve grown in leaps and bounds this past month, and I can only imagine what the future holds! Keep those big smiles coming, followed by the adorable sound of your giggles, and you’ll have one happy Momma!


P.S. you met lots of ‘boys’ this month. Don’t get any ideas about boyfriends… ;)







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