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Ignore me while I do my ‘Friday happy dance’ around the living room.

What a flippin’ week.

Maddie has been on a rip and tear, which has resulted in calls from daycare 3 of the 4 days this week (so far!).  Teething?  Tummy virus?  General bitchiness?  Who knows?

So, that’s led to some stressful days.  Fortunately, HRH FAL (Her Royal Highness Princess Fusses A Lot), has been sleeping pretty well at night.  A little fussy to get to sleep, but she manages to stay asleep for a good period of time at night.

I don’t feel like I’ve got my ‘rhythm’ back at work, and this week sure didn’t help with lots on my plate, plus calls from daycare and a fussy baby in the evenings.


I thought I might be able to sneak in Maddie’s 4 month pictures last night.  Boy, was I wrong.  I didn’t even try.  She had a meltdown over a diaper change- can you even imagine the meltdown over an outfit change?

I can’t believe it’s been 4 months.  And, this week also marks a year since I peed on six sticks (because my husband didn’t believe the first 5) and our whole world changed!  What a ride it’s been…

So, with that, I’m off to take the last few minutes before 6am and waste it blissfully with some coffee and some Pinterest

Hope you have a lovely weekend and I’ll be back next week with Maddie’s 4 month update and mine!  Woohoo!

XO, Mer

These were the only pictures that I managed to get last night, on the way upstairs to change the diaper, where the meltdown happened… :-)  Also, ignore the fact that I need a cut/color.  How do you Moms with great hair find the time for basic maintenance?

photo copy


photo copy 2


photo copy 3



Bridal Shower Roadtrip!

Ahhh… roadtrips!

I used to love them… it meant stopping in new places, pushing through the drive to get to an exciting stop or destination, singing along to fun music, eating at funky places, etc.

Now it means that we pack 3xs more shit then we might need, music is played softly so it doesn’t disturb the ‘backseat beast’ (who finally passed out after screaming through the entire state of Connecticut) and a rush to get to the destination in a fit of stress and exhaustion.

Oh how times have changed…

Fortunately, we didn’t have too many challenges this weekend, and once we got there and settled in, I was able to relax a bit and enjoy the festivities!

We had a lovely Friday with GiGi, lunching and shopping for needlepoint (Maddie WILL BE a needlepointed.  Everything else is negotiable.).

Then I had a total meltdown, when I tried on the dress I had packed for the shower and both Mom and Meg cringed.  LOL.  And, then asked what the other options were.

Hmmm… black yoga pants and an old navy maternity tank top with a stain of some variety down the front?

Fueled by a large glass of wine, my sister kindly ran me over to her Macy’s (open to 9:30pm on a Friday!) and picked me out a dress on the sale rack- marked down from $110 to $22.  Done and Done.

I tried to find it online and couldn’t, but check out your Macy’s right now- great sales!

The shower was lovely- a wonderful group of Meg and Lance’s family and friends.

Meg asked that I not take too many pictures to post on the blog, so out of respect to her wishes, I just snapped a few of the decorations (and one cute baby one!).  I’ll start the negotiating now to be able to take more at the wedding!

photo copy 2


photo copy 5


photo copy 3


photo copy

Saturday night, we had a lovely date night at Iron Hill Brewery.  Our first time out alone since we had Maddie.  We talked about her the entire time, and I only checked my phone once (and I had a text from my in-laws about her, so that’s justified!).

It was really fun to just be with the hubby though, and we walked down Main Street, Newark, DE reminiscing about our time there.

Sunday morning brought a few moments of baby giggles before it was time to hit the road.

photo copy 4

Our usual 6 hour trip now takes closer to 9 with stops to feed the baby and stretch legs, so I’m always anxious to get on the road early.  Fortunately, traffic was only heavy towards Boston and it went smoothly.  4 loads of laundry later, and this Momma dropped into a tired sleep, ready to face the week.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

XO, Mer

Mommy and Maddie Update: 3 Months

Wow.  3 months.

I can’t freaking believe it.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, with a baby screaming her head off, 3 months seemed so very far away.

Now, looking back, it’s flown.

I’ve been back to work for a few days now and it’s crazy how some things are exactly the same, yet some things are so different from 3 months ago!


This is a tough one.  I’ve always been a pretty level-headed, reasonable, responsible person, yet these last few months have taken me on an emotional, hormonal roller coaster that seems to never end.  And, just when I say to myself “OK, I’m starting to feel like my old self again”, something changes and we start all over.

I’m more emotional about going back to work then I expected.  I’m terrified that I’m going to miss her milestones and have to learn about her development through daycare reports. I feel frustrated with my post-baby body and the slow trek back to ‘normal’.

So, I guess the report is SNAFU.

Looking back, I think I’m feeling A LOT better then those early days.  Traveling with her definitely built my confidence and that helped substantially to make me feel more ‘in control’ about motherhood.  But, we are at a time of rapid growth and change, so I’m working on adjusting as quickly as she is changing!


Argh. Body.

Here’s the thing.

My abs are rock hard.

And, not in a 6 pack sort of way.

More in a “my uterus is a swollen bitch” sort of way.

I think the best description is that my body is stalled at about the 3-4 months pregnant point.  Everything that fit me into the early weeks of my second trimester, fits me now.  Anything that fit perfectly pre-pregnancy is not appropriate for public consumption.  Spanx are a staple for my work clothes.  Body parts that felt flabby and lumpy pre-pregnancy, feel flabbier and lumpier now.

So, we’ve got a ways to go.

But, let’s be honest.  I had a ways to go before I got pregnant!

My goal for the month is just to survive.  I’m returning to work and starting a new routine entirely.  I’ll do my best to fit in exercise whenever I can, and I’ll make healthy choices whenever I can… but, I’m probably going to need a glass of wine or two to help me through.

I’m ~2lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight (this varies by day!), so it’s more a toning/redistribution/uterus issue.

Here are some photos for comparison sake:






This is a really tough part of the whole ‘healthy’ puzzle.

I will admit that this has been the last thing on my mind lately.  And, I’ve got the highs/lows to prove it.

I think getting into a regular routine with work/daycare will help greatly.  It’s been more a ‘grab and go’ lately for meals, which makes it hard to count and manage carbs/insulin appropriately.

I also have to admit, that after the INTENSE management of the pregnancy, that I’ve swung in the exact opposite direction.  As much for mental health then anything.  It was very difficult to maintain the control that I had to maintain over 9 months (and the year before to get ‘permission’!) and I’ve gone a little wild, crazy and carefree.

Time to rein it in.  And, I will.  I’m getting to the point of frustrated with myself, so that’s usually the point where I get control and get things back in order.



Moving on to a much more exciting topic!

Maddie is doing fabulously.  She had a 3 month check-up and here were her stats:

Weight: 11lbs 6oz  (Birth: 7lbs. 15oz)

Height: 23.75″ (Birth: 19.75″)

Head: 39.4cm  (Birth: 34.5cm)

She’s cooing, giggling, smiling.  She’s not afraid to let us know when we don’t do things up to her standards.

She’s eating 5-6oz per feeding and sleeping from 7:30pm-5am (with a brief feeding at 10:30ish!  Dream feeding, if you will).

She’s wearing 3-6 month clothing and 60cm in Hanna Andersson.

And, she’s just plain amazing, fun and keeps on our toes every. single. day.


That’s all I’ve got for now!

We’ll see what the next month brings!

Dear Maddie: 3 Months

Dear Maddie,


3 months old- and how the time flew!

It’s Sunday afternoon and I am prepping this letter to you, while sitting in your new playroom with tears streaming down my face.

We’ve spent pretty much every moment of the last 3 months together.  It’s been challenging, scary, exciting, overwhelming and far more rewarding then I ever imagined.  Tomorrow we’ll start a new routine together, with you heading to daycare and me heading back to the office.  So far you’ve been an incredibly happy-go-lucky baby, so I’m hoping that extends to a new routine and meeting new people!

Your personality is developing more and more every day and you aren’t afraid to tell us what you like and don’t like, and when you are happy or unhappy.

You greet me every morning with the biggest smile (and a large amount of drool!) and you chatter away at me the entire time we pick out an outfit and get you cleaned up and ready for the day.

You love watching the dogs and cats play around you.  You’ve started trying to roll over on your playmat and pretty much anything that makes it into your hands goes straight into your mouth.

You had your 3 month check-up and you are growing like a weed!  Most of your 3 months clothes are too short in length, but the 6 month ones are too big around the waist!  Thank goodness it’s summer- you are happiest in a romper with bare feet!  No pants or shoes for you, thankyouverymuch.

This month, you took your first plane ride to visit your grandparents in MD.  You were a champ with traveling and visiting a new place, but you really left them exhausted!

We spent the 4th of July celebrating at home with friends and family, but really this last month has been about hanging out, cuddling and enjoying every moment!

You’ve grown and changed so much in these last 4 weeks, I can only imagine what is going to happen next!

It will be an adventure, that’s for sure!

Lots of love,

Previous Letters:

1 Month  |  2 Months

Recent Photos:

photo copy 9




photo copy 10


photo copy 11


photo copy 7


And for funsies…

A little video of our chat at the end of the photo shoot!

P.S. A special HAPPY 35th ANNIVERSARY to my parents!  You are a wonderful example of what we hope our marriage will be in 30 years… Have a great day! XOXO

P.P.S.  Your gift is a grandchild.



And, we aren’t talking about my work pants/suits (those SO DO NOT fit!).


Our new couch fit through our backdoor and into our living room beautifully!  Bravo to the two hardworking, hot, sweaty, built-like-a-brick-shithouse, ex-military men who made it work.  You can move my couch anytime ;-)

So the deal is that we really wanted to update our living room.  When we moved from our 596 sq ft. condo in Cambridge, we had very little furniture.  Very little meaning very few pieces…

When we moved, we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on furniture because we were going to redo all the walls, remove wallpaper, and we wanted to get an idea of how we would use each space.  I found a couch/chair and dining room set on Craigslist for cheap and we loaded up a U-Haul to pick it all up one weekend.  The items have all held up, but 3 years with 3 dogs and the couch was starting to look a little worn.  Plus, it really wasn’t to my taste/style for a comfy living room.

So, enter Restoration Hardware.  I’ve lusted over their catalogs for years.  I met with a design consultant and plotted out the room I wanted.  I just about died when I started adding up an estimate for the room: $16,000.


Not only is that not in my budget range, but I also wasn’t sure how the furniture would hold up to the constant beating with the animals, the baby and the husband.

And, then it happened.  Last weekend, I was innocently sipping my coffee, pursuing Craigslist (no it’s not all crazies and rapist, Mother) and stumbled on a post for a Restoration Hardware Belgian Sloped Arm Sofa in Beige Linen.

FOR $400 at a Boston Consignment shop.

Mothers around the world, you would have been AMAZED at how quickly I got the infant and the hubby packed into the car and to the Needham store room to check it out.  I’m pretty sure it was like 15 minutes total, and that included a shower.

With visions of a neutral, beachy living room in my eyes, I slapped down my debit card, barely breathing and not even really considering how we’d get it in the house.  Oh, and I also bought the two armchairs that they displayed with it.  While Brian had heart palpitations.

The OH SHIT moment of: How the EFF are they going to get that into our house? That came later.

So, this is a really long way of saying that those hot, sweaty, gorgeous men tried the front door and failed, took the feet off, moved every piece of furniture on our first floor, removed the back door and all porch furniture and got the couch in the house.


photo copy 4


photo copy 3


photo copy


photo copy 2


Ignore the other furniture placement in the first picture- that was temporary as we moved the recliner on the other side of the couch to the curb!  WOOHOO Good riddance, I’ve hated you since you arrived broken from Overstock.com!

I thought about doing a ‘staged’ photo shoot this morning, but honestly, I’d rather just natter at you while nursing a cup of coffee then rush around and stage everything to look perfect.

A new rug comes this week, so I’ll take more pictures then!

And, doing all of this moving meant that a lot of other things had to move around.

The dogs broke the bed in our spare guest room.  Like legit jumped on it so many times that the metal holding the headboard and base together was totally stripped.  They loved it!  It made a great bit of noise every time they wrestled on it.

It drove me nuts.  To the curb it went.

The sleeper sofa from the basement went upstairs and the room was *instantly* converted into a playroom for Maddie.  It gives us a great spot to store her toys and set-up some of the bigger ones without having them take over the living room (with the pack n’play and the swing, there isn’t much room…).  Moving the sofa up, means that we still have an extra guest room, but we also have a spot for sitting, playing and reading with the grandparents when they come for visits!

Here are some pictures I snapped when we were playing this weekend:

photo copy 7




photo copy 10


Someone loves their exerciser or whatever the heck those things are called!

So we got that room set, then moved the leather sofa and chair into the basement for a ‘Man Cave’.  Brian and Chris (after a few beers) decided that the best time to move the sofa would be during the finale of the fireworks and right as Debbie sat down and put her feet up.  I think she rested her ankles for about 10 seconds before they literally moved the coffee table away and started picking up couch cushions.

LOL.  Timing is everything in life…

Before we got to heavily into the redecorating, we stopped for a quick photoshot with Meghan and Chris.  I call them our MA Family!  They are a part of our family and we have been welcomed into their families as well!  We met a lot of Chris’ family when we hosted their Wedding BBQ last summer, and then Meghan’s family at the wedding in October.  Chris’ Mom was the first one to send us a baby gift- a blanket for the nursery!  Chris’ Aunt sent a knit sweater with the most adorable kitten buttons!  And, as if that wasn’t enough, Meghan’s Mom sent a beautiful afghan- pink with white trim!  I treasure each handmade gift that we’ve received, and whenever we use one, I always tell Maddie what I know about the person that gave it to us (only the good stuff ;-) )

I’ve been wanting to snap pictures to send them, but I’ve forgotten the last few times that Meghan and Chris were over.  So, we had a mini photo shoot!

photo copy 5


photo copy 6


And, I’m wrapping this up because it’s going WAY TOO long!

If you are still reading, I’ll say that we also spent some time at the outlets on the 4th, and if you were worried about Maddie having to go naked… you can forget that!

Her nursery is all organized and her drawers and closet are stocked!

photo copy 9


photo copy 8

I think my nerves about going back to work are showing in the cleaning, reorganizing, redecorating…

Oh well… it gives me something to do and I’m going back to work feeling like my house is ‘in order’!

Hope you are having an awesome holiday weekend!

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