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Ignore me while I do my ‘Friday happy dance’ around the living room.

What a flippin’ week.

Maddie has been on a rip and tear, which has resulted in calls from daycare 3 of the 4 days this week (so far!).  Teething?  Tummy virus?  General bitchiness?  Who knows?

So, that’s led to some stressful days.  Fortunately, HRH FAL (Her Royal Highness Princess Fusses A Lot), has been sleeping pretty well at night.  A little fussy to get to sleep, but she manages to stay asleep for a good period of time at night.

I don’t feel like I’ve got my ‘rhythm’ back at work, and this week sure didn’t help with lots on my plate, plus calls from daycare and a fussy baby in the evenings.


I thought I might be able to sneak in Maddie’s 4 month pictures last night.  Boy, was I wrong.  I didn’t even try.  She had a meltdown over a diaper change- can you even imagine the meltdown over an outfit change?

I can’t believe it’s been 4 months.  And, this week also marks a year since I peed on six sticks (because my husband didn’t believe the first 5) and our whole world changed!  What a ride it’s been…

So, with that, I’m off to take the last few minutes before 6am and waste it blissfully with some coffee and some Pinterest

Hope you have a lovely weekend and I’ll be back next week with Maddie’s 4 month update and mine!  Woohoo!

XO, Mer

These were the only pictures that I managed to get last night, on the way upstairs to change the diaper, where the meltdown happened… :-)  Also, ignore the fact that I need a cut/color.  How do you Moms with great hair find the time for basic maintenance?

photo copy


photo copy 2


photo copy 3



Maddie’s Inheritance…

… is going to be A LOT of unfinished needlepoint!

I seem to be collecting more canvases, then finding time to actually stitch them!

This weekend, while we were visiting Meg, Mom and I snuck down to Baltimore and visited Ruth at Bedecked and Beadazzled!

Always fun, always dangerous.  Particularly, since returning to work and taking care of a 4 month old, leaves me with little time to shower, to hell with finding creative time.  I spent a decent amount of Monday’s commute trying to remember if I actually rinsed out my conditioner, because Maddie started to fuss as I was getting ready.  By the end of the day, the answer was quite obviously NO!

My goal is to ease back into it, and start tackling some stockings/ornaments for Christmas and a few threads a day on the larger projects.  Could we talk about the crazy post-partum hormones that lead me to purchase the Zecca growth chart?

Also, let’s not talk about how I picked out the ‘little boy’ First Christmas stocking instead of the ‘little girl’ one.  Mentally, I was thinking that I wanted to do a teal/pink one, but I ended up picking up the little boy one and pulling all the blue threads to go with it.

When will I get my brain back?

Alright, I’m off to go get another cup of coffee and cuddle with a baby that has put her daycare through hell this week (SEND WINE!).  We’ve got teething, combined with an upset tummy, combined with who knows what else.  Need coffee.  Need wine.  Need chocolate.  Need more hours in the day.

Here are the new purchases:

photo copy 7


photo copy 4


photo copy 6

I hope that Maddie embraces my love of all things animal print… don’t you just love these project bags?  They are a heavier plastic then some others that I’ve found- my hope being that they stand up to spills by babies or husbands and general dog destruction!  Doesn’t look like Ruth has them on her website, but I’m sure you can call her if you need them (like I did!).

photo copy 5


And, here is what I am currently in the middle of… I’m not counting any of the half-finished projects that are tucked away upstairs! Only the ones that are visible in the living room…


photo copy 2


photo copy 3


photo copy


Happy Wednesday!  Hope your week has been full of more sleep, stitching and wine then mine has been so far..

XO, Mer

P.S.  I’ll be back on Friday with Maddie’s 4 month letter- AHHH!

A laugh for you, wine for me!

How is it Wednesday?  These days are flying by!

Brian and I switched up the daycare pick-up/drop-off days, so that I get a few of the ‘fun’ pick-ups instead of all the sad drop-offs.

It seems to be working better, although I was so frustrated/tired/stressed leaving work last night that i arrived at pick-up in tears.  I think our daycare provider has seen me cry more than my husband has!

It’s days like yesterday that I thank the stars for Dolly Parton: “Momma always told me there’d be days like this…”

One foot in front of the other and off we go!

We’ve actually been doing moderately OK.  Princess Fusses A Lot (we are using her royal name to get her used to it when she is betrothed to Prince George) has had a good few days.  Although they did call from daycare on Monday to tell us that she had eaten all of her bottles by 12:15.  A rough afternoon was had by all!  Fortunately, we left some backup formula there, but I’m thinking we are going through a growth spurt…

Ok, real quick, since I have to run into the office early and I was hoping to sneak into the shower and wash my hair (yesterday I only managed to remember to condition, which made for a pretty, sweated, greasy, matted down mess by the end of the day) and shave my legs (good lord I’ll need a chainsaw).

I’ve needed some ‘de-stress’ time in the evenings lately, so the good news is that I’ve been rocking the FitBit‘s world… this has happened 4 days in a row now!  Woohoo!  (Note: Why is my ass and ‘baby bump’ not getting any smaller?  Could it have to do with the dish filled with chocolate at work?)


photo copy

And, for the fun portion of this post, check out this site- I was laughing out loud at what’s to come!



And, for the wine portion- we’re heading down to MD this weekend and I’m so excited to sit with my sister and drink some wine in her kitchen!  Woohoo!  The very thought is what’s getting me through this week!  Love you, Bride-to-Be!  Now, go sit on your ass and stop beating me in steps on the FitBit!

Oh Shit. It’s Wednesday…

How did that happen?

Where is the time going?

Is it time to write the first college tuition check?

True confession of a tired mom: I didn’t prep my posts this past weekend.  I didn’t do my homework.

That means that I’m sitting here trying to choose between prepping a blog post, hoping on the treadmill for a few extra steps today, or prepping a bottle and running upstairs to wake Maddie a few minutes early and steal a few extra minutes with her.

The reality: I’ll rush through this post, hope on the treadmill for 30 minutes, and rush upstairs to feed Maddie, dripping sweat from my workout and feeling rushed that everything took longer then I expected.

Finding balance wasn’t easy for me prior to motherhood.  Now it just feels impossible.  I’ve had to work late these last few days, which means I come home to a grumpy-it’s-almost-time-for-bed baby, who really isn’t in the mood to be cute and cuddly.  Daycare is going well, and she comes home tired and ready for bed by 7pm.  Add in some later nights, some Boston traffic, some rain and I’m getting about 15 minutes of face-to-face baby time in the evening.


And, that is the reality of ‘working mom tales’.  I feel tired.  Stressed.  Spread thin.  Frustrated.  Like I’m going through the motions but only giving about an 80% effort (which I’m totally fine with if we are talking treadmill workouts, but not motherhood or work!).

I need another two hours in the day.  Another 3,000 steps in my daily totals.  And, lord almighty, i really need a pedicure.  Oh, and maybe a winning lottery ticket?  I could use a week with the hubby and Maddie by the water.  With wine.  Sand between our toes.  Someone else preparing the meals.

I’ve eaten crustless quiche for 4 out of 6 of the last meals in the last two days.  Crustless because we forgot the crust at the store. Quiche because it makes for a super easy breakfast and dinner- and it only takes one dish to make.  I don’t think I had it for lunch, but honestly, at this point I can’t even remember.

And, on that note, I’m ending the babbling.  Racing down to the treadmill for a few minutes and then racing upstairs to grab the baby, grab my coffee and grab a few minutes of floor time and baby giggles!

Here’s hoping that you relate to some part of this post (and can confirm it gets better!) and that you have a spare beach house we can borrow sometime in August (oh, and your shirtless Italian nephew, Mario, is the cook and butler?  Done and done.)  We’re happy to provide a sad, rescued greyhound and a skittish lab-chow mix for collateral.  Or long-term loan.  Just be forewarned that they pee on the coffee table.  Regularly.

Happy Hump Day,


A quick pic from my early morning ‘check in’- before I grabbed my first cup of coffee and begin chanting chug, chug, chug!

photo copy 7


Collateral… Damage!

photo copy 8



Weekend Love!

Well, we survived the first week of daycare and full-time, back-to-work-with-a-3-month-backlog Momma.

I think survived is probably the best terminology.

There was nothing pretty about it, and there were more tears, feelings of guilt, and baby cuddles with a side of Chardonnay then I’d really care to admit. There were also 8:30 bedtimes, a little bickering between the parents, and more then a few moments of wallowing in self-pity. MegaLottery winners that win it and spend it, I’m givin’ you the stink eye.

However, I’m a firm believer that these things get easier with time, and as we get more into a routine. If anything, the past 3 months has taught me that I’m really not stay-at-home mom material. I have nothing but respect for those of you that go that route- by the end, I was craving the schedule of my job, the adult interaction and complex problem-solving that it requires.

But, that doesn’t mean that it was a piece of cake to drop my baby off with a daycare provider that I’ve met 3 times, and spend 9 hours away from her wondering if she’s having a total meltdown, has her diaper been changed, or is she in the swing having a helluva good time?

So, we will put one foot in front of the other, pack our Vera Bradley lunch boxes (her’s with bottles, mine with rabbit food), and forge ahead into this new week. Because, as Grammy told me yesterday, ‘you’ve GOT to walk to take some of that fat off’.

OMG. Can’t handle it.

So we spent our weekend doing errands and stuff on Saturday, so Sunday could be low-key filled with a walk to Starbucks, some grilling and week meal preps. We spent a little time in the garden, weeding, clipping herbs, and planting the last few herbs from Lowe’s that were sooooo overwatered that they’ve been sitting outside for the week and are still damp…

Here are some pictures from our weekend! I hope that your’s was equally productive and relaxing!

photo copy 3


photo copy 2


Did I happen to mention the MASSIVE piss stain that we found when we pulled up the rug last weekend to make way for the living room makeover?! No? Hmmm… it must have been because I was so PISSED OFF! Which, after these last few months, I do know is better then being pissed on.

Anyway, Cruzan had been using the coffee table as his personal toilet- not because he wasn’t being let out at regular intervals, but because he was pissed that we brought a screaming, demanding, erratically moving baby into his house.

So, one day while we were doing tummy time on the floor, I started smelling gross things, only to find that the rug and floor had been completely ruined. We’ve managed to bleach the floor and kill all of the bacteria and smell, but this weekend we also had to stain and seal the repair work. We are still trying to find the right color for ’1960s Orange Hardwood’, but it looks so much better than before!

photo copy 4


A little gift for the hubby! Periodic table magnets from Target- already being put to good use on our fridge!

photo copy


And, Maddie’s new way to view the world! She loves to stand up and look around at everything!

photo copy 6

Until Wednesday…

XO, Mer



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