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Dear Maddie: 4 months

Dear Maddie,

Wow, how the past 4 months have flown by!

You are so awake, alert and anxious to take in every detail around you! You watch everything and we can just see the wheels turning as you take it all in!

You’ve learned to scream at daycare (thank you, 3 year old girls!), and you follow each scream with a giggle, because you are just so darn proud of your new skill.

I’m afraid the ‘animal lover’ gene (a bad gene according to my grandmother), might have been passed on to you! Some of your longest conversations have been with Cruzan, who sits perfectly still, listens to every word and is as memorized by you, as you are of him!

You had your doctors appointment last week, and she suggested we start you on some oatmeal, since you are sucking down bottles like you in ‘da club. It’s been a fun, messy adventure! You love that the spoon goes in your mouth, but you don’t really get that whole ‘swallow’ thing, which leaves both of us a sticky mess!

You’ve been a real trooper this month and I’m so grateful. My return to work, marked your start of daycare and you’ve been so happy with Ms. Trish, eating like a champ and only taking short naps (so you sleep through the night for us!).

You’ve grown in leaps and bounds this past month, and I can only imagine what the future holds! Keep those big smiles coming, followed by the adorable sound of your giggles, and you’ll have one happy Momma!


P.S. you met lots of ‘boys’ this month. Don’t get any ideas about boyfriends… ;)







Why I Hate My Diaper Bag….

I didn’t do my homework when shopping for a diaper bag.

There, I said it.

It wasn’t that it was an impulse purchase, as much as when Brian nixed the Louis Vuitton diaper bag suggestion, I went with another one of my favorite (more affordable!) brands and didn’t really consider other options.

I figured that Vera Bradley would have it all figured out.  Boy, was I wrong.

I purchased the Make A Change Baby Bag- I love Vera Bradley products, they are well-made, intuitive in their design and, sometimes most important, come in fun colors and designs.

2013-06-26 17.40.38

2013-06-26 17.41.07

But, they aren’t perfect.

Here are some of my complaints:

1) It’s too long/wide.  I have the UppaBaby Vista stroller, which I love, and is known for having the largest stroller basket on the market, and the bag doesn’t fit neatly underneath.  It’s too long, even without using the two end pockets (which would be perfect for standing up a bottle), which means that I have to wrestle it in and and out constantly- or leave it in the car and hope that I managed to shove everything I need into my purse!  It really needs to be about 4 inches narrower to fit in any stroller (I’ve tried it with a Bugaboo and Britax, and it also doesn’t fit in any direction!!).

2) One of the most appealing features was the changing pad on the outside with pockets for diapers and wipes.  Unfortunately, after one wash, the pad doesn’t fold back into place correctly and is too bulky to use the pockets for more than one diaper or a small pack (10 or less, or as we say, ‘one good shit’!) of wipes.  The pocket is held into place by two zippers and a magnet, but the zippers have to be left partially unzipped and the magnet doesn’t catch after washing the changing pad (because it’s so bulky).  It also means that I have to use one of my inside pockets for extra diapers, since I can only carry one on the outside (and that means more ‘rummaging’ for things!).

3) The inside pockets (and wipeable fabric) were a big selling point, but they aren’t as useful as anticipated.  There are 6 interior pockets, that are the width of a size 1 diaper (and can hold a max of 3 at a time).  That’s not a very big pocket!  And, if you use the pockets, you have virtually no other interior space!  That means you end up using the pockets to the max and cramming stuff in them, making it impossible to find things – or, you don’t use the pockets and everything is loose and you are digging around constantly.

I find myself keeping the bag stocked and in the backseat of my car.  I don’t even bother to put it in the stroller anymore or carry it, because it’s such a pain to try and get into the basket.

I do like the outer end pockets.  I think those are a must on a diaper bag.  And, internal pockets are important, but I think slightly larger pockets is better than the quantity of pockets.  And, I really like the wipeable interior- makes cleaning up bottle spills and other messes very easy!

The only ‘Mom space’ is really the zipper pocket along the back of the bag.  It’s nice to have, but again, poorly designed. If you are using the interior pockets.  My wallet and cell phone barely fit in and out!

I’m so disappointed that I don’t love the bag, because I really wanted to!  I think it was designed by someone who hasn’t carried a diaper bag in a while… And, I know I’m a first time mom, but (I think) I’m pretty minimal in what I carry (I hate carrying a heavy bag!).  Here’s what I like to carry:

For Maddie: diapers (3), travel pack of wipes, empty 8oz bottle, bottle of water, formula travel powder packs (2-3), onsie/pant, burp cloth, pacifiers (2), dog bags or ziploc bags for emergencies :-)

For Me: wallet, cell phone, keys, granola bar, travel-size hand sanitizer, travel pack of tissues

When I traveled, I used it as my carry-on, and added a small blanket, iPad, magazine, another bottle and two ready-to-feed formula bottles.  It was at max capacity, and like I said, the changing pad side was bulging and I could barely get my wallet out of the other side!

So, I’m at a loss as to what bag to get now.

What are you carrying or what did you carry when you had little kids?  What do you love/hate about your current bag?

Thoughts? Recommendations?  I’d love to hear them!

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